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Do It Yourself (DIY) or Do It For YOU (DIFY)?

Are you a DIY'er or a DIFY kind of person? What's YOUR style? Every day we chat with people in our stores and online who LOVE what we do. They are inspired by the before and after pictures we post. They love the idea of re-loving pieces in their home or heading out on...

Last Minute Gift Ideas from Front Porch Mercantile

As Elf says SANTA's COMING! Are you ready? Do you need some last minute gift ideas? We have some great ideas from our Moncton location for gift giving this Holiday season! Do you have a creative in your life, or are you a creative and want to nudge YOUR Santa? Paint...

Milk Painted Chair How To

Yes, you read that title correctly, I'm going to share with you a Miss Mustard Seed's Milk painted chair! I don't usually recommend milk paint on fabric. Truth is, when Lisa, our fabulous Moncton store owner announced on Facebook she was going to paint a chair with...

Crackle Finish Piano Stool

I love a good crackle finish. I love Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. I love this little stool. One thing I love about milk paint is it's unpredictability sometimes and it's unique and beautiful finish. I just find these little piano stools so cute. This one needed a...

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How to use IOD Transfers

What the heck is an IOD Transfer? That was my first reaction when everyone was talking about IOD Transfers. Well, let me tell you, they are awesome and you are going to fall in love. If you love image transfers but not the messy work usually involved with gels and wet...

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Our House Sold! Now What?

It's true, our house has sold. It didn't take long, and now we're freaking out! It all sounded great on paper. Franchise the business (that story here), open a studio in Lunenburg (that story coming), sell the house, move to the cottage by the sea.   Easy. Scary. Ha...

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Finding Design in Doodles and a Giveaway

Anyone else out there have a hard time defining what their home design is/should be? Is this just me? I struggle with this a lot. I like a lot of styles. My style has changed and evolved and ebbed and flowed depending on where we live and the season of our lives. And...

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Re-Loved Oak Kitchen Table

Why did I wait so long to paint and update my oak kitchen table? Seriously? This oak pedestal table has been in my family since I was a wee girl (and I'm old so it's old) lol. My parents gave me this table about 15 years ago and we've loved it. Maybe a little too much...

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Cottage Floors – Paint or Stain?

I need help. You guys are getting used to that right? Do we paint or stain our cottage floors? As we make plans to move to the cottage permanently we are trying to figure out what to do with the floors. I am designed challenged at times (and terrible at decision...

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Friends Of Front Porch Maker’s Market

Did you hear? We are having our 1st "Friends of Front Porch" Maker's Market. The Moncton team is excited to host the Maker's Market and feature several local makers. So save the date and make sure you join us. We hope to have a variety of vendors for you. We will have...

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A Colourful Contest Winner

I'm going to brag a little. Just be warned. Meet Becky. Our colourful creative and awesome Moncton team member and runner-up WINNER of a National Fusion Mineral Paint contest for creating a custom colour. Woo hoo. She's kinda creative and cool. She actually had TWO...

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Graffiti Painted Leather Bench

Hi, Front Porch Friends! I've been MIA a bit here on the blog as I've been super busy getting our house ready to sell (can I just tell you downsizing is NOT fun and there will be a few blog posts on that - someone needs to talk me off the ledge lol) and I've been a...

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Are you a little nervous to get started on that next DIY project or maybe looking for some inspiration? On a budget but want a change? You're in the right spot! Hi! I’m Wendy, paint nerd, serial DIY'er and inspirer of creativity. I love to paint and I kinda dig inspiring others to so as well! Follow along, shop in our stores, join us for a workshop or just follow along..

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“Awwwwweeee!!! Loved your Workshop!!! So relaxing, and Wendy is a delight. It is obvious; this woman has a passion for what she does. Thank you for sharing that with others! Keep up the great work!!! I cannot wait to attend my next workshop. “

– Mia L, Dieppe, NB 



“I recently attended a painting class with Wendy Batten of Front Porch Mercantile having zero clues as to what we’d be doing other than using MMS milk paint and doing some sort of bird house. Well… was I ever in for a surprise! Not only did we get to paint aforementioned bird house (which totally rocked!), we also painted an amazing flower pot as well – in our choice of colors. I love, love, LOVED this class and definitely will attend another one! She should just call them “Fun at the Front Porch” as the classes are fabulous, just like her product and herself.”


– Marlene Oulton

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