I’m off to Miss Mustard Seed’s Studio

Guys! Guess what?

Guess where I am off to this week? I’m jetting off to Pennsylvania to spend a few days with Miss Mustard Seed in her beautiful studio.

For real.

Off to Miss Mustard Seed's Workshop

(all photos on this post are from Miss Mustard Seed)

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this.

Marian (Miss Mustard Seed)  is one of my biggest mentors. The way she handles her amazing  businesses, encourages other small business owners, her kindness and grace, her family values and her incredible style are so incredible and amazing. And she is so business savvy and humble at the same time I can’t even explain it. Not to mention her fabulous milk paint product. Oh my.

Miss Mustard Seed's Studio

Miss Mustard Seed's Studio

3 years ago I was nervous to say hello to Marian at a conference in Atlanta. Fast forward, I’ve had the incredible pleasure to become friends, to see her several times and now I am working part time for her along with being one only 4 Certified Retailer Trainers for Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. I love this product and this company.

Workshop all set up at Miss mustard Seed's Studio

I can’t wait to see this beautiful creative studio, spend some time with fellow retailers, learn some new techniques and skills, and soak in all the creative energy here.

Miss Mustard Seed's Studio

I purchased a little bag of milk paint 4 years ago…and so many wonderful things have happened since then.

I’m incredibly grateful and blessed to be surrounded by such amazing creative people and could not love my job more.

Have you tried Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint? Anything you want me to ask her while I’m there?

Thanks for listening to me ramble. I really wanted to share how excited I am about attending training with Miss Mustard Seed in her studio.

Marian aka Miss Mustard Seed and Wendy from frontporchmercantile.com at the Toronto Home Show

I’ll be sharing pictures on Instagram and FB. Follow along and I’ll definitely be sharing any new techniques and paint tricks I learn.

Have a great week my friends,



ps…the shop is open regular hours while I am away, my awesome staff is holding down the fort drop in and check on them I mean say hi!




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  1. congratulations. I’m proud her milk paint is Canadian!!

  2. Annie (Canada) says:

    I would love to meet Marian someday. Even though I don’t use milk paint (I prefer chalk paint) I follow her blog, she is so inspiring, genuine and writes from the heart. She seems to have a way of writing exactly what I need to hear exactly when I need a boost. To know that you’re not alone and others have gone through the same highs and lows in starting a business really helps :) Enjoy your visit!

    • The Front Porch Mercantile says:

      Thanks Annie, I feel the same about her inspiration and I will share your kind words with her. :)

  3. I wish we were closer! I want to hear all the deets about your trip. I know you will be full of inspiration when you get back! What a great opportunity!

    • The Front Porch Mercantile says:

      it was really great Colette, I wish you were closer too, I’m in the mood for a paint party :)