About Us

Are you looking to re love YOUR home?

We CAN help!

We LOVE to re love furniture, and we LOVE to inspire YOU to do it to (or, if it’s not your thing, we can paint it up for you)

Visit one of our RETAIL STORES, our ONLINE STORE, join a DIY WORKSHOP or check out the HOW TO’s on THE BLOG


Our Stores

Our Moncton Retail location is located at

179 Bonaccord Street

Moncton NB (just off St George Street)


We would love for you to visit us!

We are OPEN:

Monday – closed

Tuesday -10am to 6pm

Wednesday –  10am to 6pm

Thursday –  10am to 8pm

Friday  – 10am – 6pm

Saturday – 10am to 4pm

Sunday – 12pm – 4pm

We also have a satellite location in LUNENBURG NS

furniture items, our Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint and FAT Paint

 (we also do workshops there!)  you can find our paints at Mom’s Buy and Sell

at 229 Lincoln Street, Lunenburg NS

Front Porch Mercantile is a casual but creative workshop and retail location that offers an assortment of beautiful hand painted furniture, unique decor items and specialty Canadian made paint products and accessories.

We love to re-love and up cycle furniture affordably and give it a new lease on life.

We  are very pleased to be the local CERTIFIED retailer for Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint ,  Fusion™ Mineral Paint  and Fat Paint chalk style paint and we offer fun and inspiring paint workshops

Our paints are highest of quality, environmentally friendly, with no/low VOCs,  MADE IN CANADA paints on the market (with no smell and no sanding required!)

OUR paints are SAFE and EASY to use

Our shops are filled with one of a kind, custom and unique decor items and paint supplies to help you transform your own furniture!

We offer paint workshops, custom work and consultations!

Please drop in, we would love to see you!

Our Team of Professionals are HERE TO HELP YOU!

Drop into one of our locations, Lisa and Tom Casey and team at the Moncton location are highly trained and ready to help you re love your home with paint ideas, painted furniture, decor ideas and more. Be sure to visit the new store.

Pam and staff at Mom’s Buy and Sell, our satellite location  love to help you pick out just the right pieces to paint, and Wendy and Mr FPM offer customized pieces, custom work and workshops in both NB and NS. Be sure to drop in or contact us!


About Wendy and The Blog

Chief Inspirer of Creativity for Front Porch Mercantile 

Wendy’s job is to inspire you.


Are you afraid to get started on that creative project?

Love Pinterest but are not quite sure HOW to get that look?

Love to love your home but it’s just not giving you joy anymore?

Wendy and her team can help!

Hands-on workshops, how to tutorials, in-store consultations and more.

Wendy loves to paint, create and make, and she kinda digs inspiring and empowering others to do so as well.  It fills her happy bucket to teach and inspire!

With years of DIY under her belt, hours of professional training and education, workshops and lots of trial and error, Wendy has become Atlantic Canada’s DIY paint guru. A natural encourager and a creative soul, Wendy facilitates workshops in both Moncton NB and in Lunenburg NS.

Wendy knows paint!

  • She is proud to be one of only 4 Certified North American Retailer Trainers for Canadian Made 100% All Natural Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint
  • Proud to be the Retailer Care Manager for Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint (Mustard Seed Inc) and work directly for Miss Mustard Seed
  • A Consultant and Regional Developer for FAT Paint Chalk Style Paint
  • The Canadian Distributor for Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint
  • Conducts large creative retreats with well-known resorts such as White Point Beach Resort
  • Has been featured in national magazines
  • Speaks and instructs at conferences North American wide
  • Coaches and mentors fellow creatives
  • Blogs and writes how-to posts
  • Is currently re loving two cottages – with lots of paint and imagination ;)

Wendy takes her paint seriously!

Want more … a little more from Wendy

I’ve been a DIY’er along with my husband for so long we can’t remember not being into DIY! We bought our first house on a shoestring budget and just made do with DIY. I’m lucky to be married to Mr. FPM, my best friend (cheesy right?), I have 2 grown children (and oh my gosh a new grand baby girl – so fun) and I help my hubby run his service industry business as well,  we are busy and happy.

I am a dreamer and a doer and there is ALWAYS another project on the horizon.

  • I believe in a collected not decorated home and I think you should decorate for yourself and how you live, not define yourself by trends or budgets.
  • I don’t think you need big budgets for big joy in your home.  We love “perfectly imperfect” style, done enough (no room or house has ever been “done” in my eyes)
  • I am told I have a cozy and happy home and that makes me happy.
  • I am a compulsive re decorator (true story) and re-renovator and we are currently renovating our 4th and 5th homes. (One is a cottage, you can read about that here).

I am passionate about helping other small business creatives and have recently added coaching retailers to my list of things I love to do! Fun right?

Teaching and inspiring others fills my happy bucket BIG TIME!

We don’t do perfect at home, we do comfy, we do big family and friend gatherings, we do smoky bonfires and dogs on the furniture, and we most definitely like to hang out on our porch!

I like vintage, reusing quality furniture and breathing new life into old pieces, and I love teaching others how to do it too!

I truly believe paint has the power to rock your world!

I LOVE old ironstone dishes, tainted silver, terra cotta pots filled with geraniums, marmalade jars, bunting, light filled rooms and wine or tea on the porch. My hope is to inspire you and help you make your house a home, one project at a time, affordably.

The way your home looks should give you joy.

Simple pleasures are the best.

Please drop into one of locations, you will get the front porch service, cuz that’s how we roll! Thanks so much for stopping in, I hope you will stick around, leave me a comment if you can, or drop into the shops or attend one of our many workshops.

 I’d love to meet you! Thanks for stopping in!


Marian aka Miss Mustard Seed and Wendy from frontporchmercantile.com at the Toronto Home Show

Miss Mustard Seed and I at the Toronto Home Show