Barrel Table Fun

Barrel Tables from Front Porch Mercantile

I love a bit of history and fun, how about you?

We met a Cooper recently. Hands up if you know what a cooper is? I totally thought it was buddy’s name. True story.

But I did find out a Cooper is a barrel maker.  I honestly didn’t know there was a still a craft of barrel making, but there is. Our new friend and cooper is a 4th generation barrel maker in Nova Scotia. He’s doing what his great great great grandfather did (in the same location). Cool. right?

I love old barrels. I’m not sure why, the way the look, and what the history they bring to mind, but they are a lost art, or so I thought.

Here are a few up cycled ideas I had for some barrels

Barrel Inspiration

Barrel Table Fun

We bought a couple of barrels originally to use as tables on the deck of the cottage (of which I have no pictures and now they are all put away waiting for winter) hang head in shame. Sorry (they were super cute though) I’ll show you in the Spring – pinky swear!

I was inspired by this picture and plan to paint a checker board on our barrel on the porch next summer.(I can totally picture lingering in the shade playing checkers by the sea)

Barrel Game board for the porch

I did have an idea for another style of table (and y’all know what happens when I get an idea) I had seen a cool barrel table and asked my Cooper friend if he could make me some half barrels. (I think he thinks I’m weird) but he obliged.

Here was my inspiration photo.

Barrel Table Inspiration

And Mr. FPM ended up making this one.

Our Barrel Table with hinged reclaimed wood top

I painted the table with Miss Mustard Seed’s all natural Milk Paint in Curio, the top is reclaimed cedar that I sealed with our FAT Paint Clear Coat so it is easy to clean.

We’ve since had a couple of orders for more, and will take custom orders. This one is available at the shop. If you have any interest in working with old barrels or if you would like us to make you a table from an authentic barrel made by our friend the Cooper just drop us a line.

I kind of love having a rum runners barrel in the shop and at the cottage. I love the historic look and feel of days gone by from these authentic barrels. What do you think? Do you like the look of old barrels?

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