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Hi all! Hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday!

We have had such a wonderful Christmas, we scaled back and simplified on everything this year, decorations, gifts, parties (but not the food shh) simplifying Christmas has been so wonderful for my little family after such a busy December. We have been relaxing, snuggling and sleeping. We are all rested and ready to start fresh.

Closet Makeover - Front Porch Mercantile

This is not a paint post (can you tell from the title?) ha ha. I’m spending time this Holiday working on organizing the shop, my office and getting some big business stuff done for the shop and painting, painting, painting! I have let the clutter take over at home and parts of the shop, and I feel the need to to de clutter and to clean up.

Here is a little closet redo I did. I cannot tell you how having a clean and organized space makes me breathe easier.

This closet is in my office, I am am totally embarrassed about the “before” picture, but, keeping it real.

Here was my inspiration photo, I have NO idea who to credit this with, I found this long before I knew to keep a source, so if you know who to credit please let me know! Isn’t it pretty? Sigh….

Inspiration of my closet makeover - Front Porch Mercantile


Ok…look quickly…I warn you, this is not pretty! Here is the before!

Closet before


Eek right? This closet had everything (including the kitchen sink) in it. It was time to do some decluttering.

First thing I did was figure out what had to go in the closet, what stuff could find a new home, and what I needed for my office in there.  This is an important step. I leaned that from my professional organizer sister Kim (Kaos Solutions) Then I got to work. I did this closet for $175.

Shelving units and wall paper were the big items. Hubby – bless him – made me promise 25 years ago we would never hang wall paper together (I think he wanted to put it in the vows) but I convinced him it would be easy and fun (it wasn’t, wall paper never is) but we are still married – and hey who wallpaper’s a closet anyways? ME, ha ha, crazy little moment, but I think its cute and was worth it. I found some awesome baskets at Micheals, perfect size and painted them with Fat Paint Red Barchetta, easy peasy, I bought a few other baskets, used some items I had around the house and voila. Organized, efficient and cute. (The Union Jack pillow is a quick home made pillow I made when William and Kate were married, I dig it, I used to be a nerd, I’m cool now, not really, but it’s how I roll)

Here is the side by side. Drastic. It was pretty bad.

Closet before / after Front Porch Mercantile

This close makes me smile, I look at it from my desk, and even with the door closed, I can feel its organized awesomeness.

I’m working on more organizing, and painting and purging. Having a clear and clean space helps me have a clean and clear head and gets my creative juices flowing again, so I can work and PAINT! :)


Just what I needed! Are you working on any organizing and cleaning projects?

Thanks for popping in!


Closet Makeover from Front Porch Mercantile



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  1. This looks great, but now I want to go to Ikea and get magazine holders. I’m so glad that you are having time to do stuff for your own house. And yay for hanging out and sleeping.
    All the best,

    • Thanks Marian, yes, its nice to relax, but its also nice to cross some things off the to do list and unclutter! Hope you had a great Holiday too! Wendy

  2. I put the stuff away from under the tree today (finally) which lead to the cleaning and organizing and purging of my linen closet. This is where we keep all the extra(s) like shampoos and the such. Felt good to get it all done but Christmas is still out ~ oh well ~ there is always tomorrow.

    • Hi Lori, we put all Christmas away yesterday – always such a big job, and always a bit sad after, so dark around now. Happy 2015! Wendy