I’m going to brag a little. Just be warned.

Meet Becky.

Our colourful creative and awesome Moncton team member and runner-up WINNER of a National Fusion Mineral Paint contest for creating a custom colour. Woo hoo.

Meet Becky from Front Porch Mercantile

She’s kinda creative and cool. She actually had TWO custom colours end up in the top 10 – seriously! Becky started with us over a year ago in our Lower Coverdale location and is now working with our creative team in the new Moncton shop. If you’ve ever seen our awesome chalkboards, well, that’s all Becky.


Front Porch Mercantile Chalkboard Walls

She’s shy about her work, but she’s a very accomplished artist in multi mediums and now furniture painting, she knows her colour! She comes up with lots of amazing colours for our clients, helping them pick JUST the right colours.

She’s also awesome at mixing and matching and coming up with cool colours.

The winning colour was a beautiful plum, and yes, I think she was trying to match her hair lol.


"plum" a beautiful Fusion Mineral Paint custom colour from Front Porch Mercantile and runner up i

Plum was created by mixing Liberty Blue and Cranberry Fusion Mineral Paint 1:1. Isn’t it gorgeous! Oh, and YES,  it sold as fast as you could say “wow that’s beautiful”. The good news is, you can come in and get your own Fusion Mineral Paint to make your own plum!

Here’s some information on Fusion Mineral Paint if you are not familiar with it.
Runner Up in Fusion Mineral Paint's National Competition - Front Porch Mercantile

Congratulations Becky! We’re so proud of you and love your creative spirit!

Drop into the Moncton store and embarrass her a little with a high five and check out whatever cool colour combo she’s cooking up.

Thanks for letting me brag a little on Becky – she deserves it. Our entire Moncton team deserve kudos. Creativity and inspiration abound in the shop. Drop in some time!

our Front Porch Mercantile Moncton team is ready to inspire and empower you to re love your home with colour and creativity

Cheers Front Porch Friends, thanks so much for popping in!