A CTV Morning Recap, Resources and Contest

Hi! Did you see our segment on CTV Morning today? Thank you if you did, it’s pretty nerve wrecking doing DIY on LIVE tv. EEK

Wow live tv is FAST, 3 mins go like THAT! Phew.

Heidi rocked the milk paint – wow – super awesome painter, and the crew at CTV Morning are amazing. Thanks guys! We had so much fun (and sorry about spilling milk paint all over the floor of the studio…oopsie) Thanks to Mr. FPM for being the clean up crew this morning.

I accidentally spilled milk paint all over the cdv live studio floors...it's a thing oopsie

I mentioned a give away ….read to the end for your chance to WIN a little paint package from us!

If you didn’t see the segment, here is the clip for you to watch, no laughing!

Thank you and welcome if it’s your first time here. We’re pretty passionate about paint, diy and inspiring others to do so as well. We hope you will poke around the site and check out some of our DIY’s and get a little inspired.

As promised on air, I wanted to share a little about our upcoming retreat at White Point Feb 3rd to 5th. You can find all the information HERE and remember we only have a few spaces left, so act fast.

Beautiful White Point Beach Resort will be our home base all weekend while we DIY by the Sea

Our store is located at 1177 Hillsborough Road in Lower Coverdale (moving soon Mar 1 to downtown Moncton) and we have a satellite location at Mom’s Buy and Sell in Lunenburg where we sell painted furniture, FAT Paint chalk style paint and MMS Milk Paint.

Our Moncton location is moving soon…just FYI

Front Porch Mercantile is MOVING woo hoo

Always start painting your furniture pieces upside down

Our paints are all Made in Canada, safe and easy to use. You can find more information here.

We also LOVE to teach workshops. You can find our upcoming workshops HERE (we have a totally fun time)

Looking for your local FAT Paint retailer? We have several in Atlantic Canada and across North America. You can check here for your local FAT Paint Retailer, HERE for your local FUSION Mineral Paint Retailers and HERE for your local Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint

Milk Paint Basics - come paint with me

Looking for a little more HOW TO on the projects we did on air?

You can see how to stencil a pillow HERE

stencilling pillows with FAT Paint at Front Porch Mercantile

I don’t have a post or how to on the pallet sign. I will try to get one done soon.

It was an easy peasy project. We put a pallet together with leftover wood, you could use any board you have. Mix Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint (info here) in the colour Eulalie’s Sky, use a stencil, write a word or glue a wooden word (available at our Lower Coverdale shop), we like to use Wellbond to glue the word on. You can finish your painted piece with MMS Hemp Oil or our MMS Furniture Wax but you don’t have to. Step back and enjoy.

Our pallet sign was WELCOME, but it was like this. (Will post actual picture after show)

pallet sign using Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint

These are sneak peek at just 2 of the 8 projects we will be doing at White Point during our DIY by the SEA Feb 3rd to 5th. Hope you can join us. Thanks for all your graciousness about this tv segment. It was an honour to be asked, buoyed by all your good wishes and cheers of support.

Now for the FUN part – we are giving away a sample box with a pint of Fusion Mineral Paint, a quart of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint and a pint of FAT Paint, some how to guides and a few other tid bits.

**Contest Closed**

Winner was E Doucette from Tracadie, who promised to share her creations with me..stay tuned and thank you all for the overwhelming support.

If you are new here, thanks for popping in. We really love that you are here.







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  1. Loved the segment. Your comment about painting your grandmother’s china cupboard inspired me to consider painting mine. I need to try milk paint!!

  2. Mary Calder MacKenzie says:

    Good morning Wendy,

    I watched your segment on CTV Morning Live Atlantic today and totally enjoyed the projects you shared…I’m hoping to get to your shop soon to get some paint for a project I hope to start over the winter months…
    Thanks for the chance to win in your contest…


  3. Heather Dixon-Bannister says:

    Great job! Loved the projects! You did great…didn’t look nervous at all but rather quite comfortable on TV

  4. Silvana Redden says:

    I enjoyed your segment on CTV Atlantic Morning Live this morning and now, as I’m looking through your website, I’m inspired and really looking forward to newsletters. It would be great to win your beginner’s kit so I could get started on my own projects!

  5. Tracie Greene says:

    I watched your segment and I’ve been wanting to try your paint …I have a few projects in mind and you inspired me to go ahead and give the paint a try

  6. Cindy Gaudet says:

    I just watched the clip. You did an excellent job. You are always so helpful when we are in to your shop. And you are so right; It is very addictive!

  7. I loved your segment on Morning Live today. I so want to paint my dated bedroom furniture. It is a Queen Anne style with a gloss finish. Can I just paint over the finish or is there prep work to be done? So many pretty shades to pick from too !!!!

    • The Front Porch Mercantile says:

      have a peek at our blog poston prep, its super easy and great results :)

  8. Anne Grant says:

    You did a great job on live TV!! Thanks for bringing us so many ideas!!

  9. Loved your segment on CTV Morning Live Atlantic. A little fyi for you: instead of a magazine inside the pillow, try a sheet of sandpaper! The grit will hold your fabric still while you stencil.

  10. Patricia Smith says:

    Watched your segment on CTV Morning Live this morning! Would love to try the paint…may have to do a little online shopping! lol.

  11. Thanks Wendy, great segment, hope to see you in Lunenburg this summer!

  12. Loved your segment this morning! Great job! Thanks for the sneak peak at two of the projects…I’m super excited and not so patiently waiting for the diy weekend!! Haha

  13. Sarah Melanson says:

    You rocked it! Congrats!

  14. Looking forward to visiting in Nova Scotia!

  15. Darlene Butland says:

    Great job this morning, looked like a lot of fun, loved the decal, hoping to do some painting here soon, I have a whole bedroom set that I am going to be redoing this spring, would love to be entered to win, Thank you, Darlene

  16. I love painted furniture :)

  17. Angie Swinemar says:

    Haven’t tried milk paint but I love love fat paint. Just refinished my kitchen cupboards with it :)

  18. Love the results of your Paint. Would love to try it all!

  19. Darlene Daigle says:

    Love the soft mint color on your DIY project from the segment. Makes me think of spring.

  20. Gillian MacQuarrie says:

    I have a china cabinet I am trying to figure how I want to paint it . Now that I know your paint doesn’t need all the extra prep work I have figured out my product now the hard part – color ☺. Hope you post photos of yours for inspiration. Great segment on CTV, can’t believe how easy it looked and fast .

    • The Front Porch Mercantile says:

      aw thanks, check through the blog there are lots of before and afters there of china cabinets etc :) you can do it!!

  21. Julie Bachman says:

    Loved the segment .Looking forward to heading to the shop in Lunenburg to pick up paint for my first project! :)

  22. Donna Adams says:

    Great job, alot to do in 3 min. but you did it. Can’t wait for Moncton location to open


  23. Karen Olsen says:

    Great segment, thank you!
    I am feeling inspired now to get started on my little barrel table. I have never used Fat paint before, would love to try it! Pretty awesome that it’s a Canadian product too!
    Best regards,

  24. Shelley Russwurm says:

    Great segment! I used chalk paint for our kitchen island DIY but have more ideas in mind and want to try milk paint. Super excited that the store will be within walking distance from work soon! Would love to win this kit!

  25. Really enjoyed watching the DIY on Breakfast Television.The Painting Projects looked like alot of fun.You and Heidi did a great job.
    Thanks You,

  26. Really loved your segment! I’ve been interested in learning about milk/mineral paints. Love that they are Eco-friendly and require little prep-work. I’d love to attend one of your classes sometime – hopefully this spring. Thanks for offering a great prize!

  27. Rosemarie Lirette says:

    I watched your segment and now i want to paint! :-)

  28. Jodi Alcorn says:

    Great job Wendy! Your passion is so inspiring to others!

  29. Jody Taker says:

    Be still my heart! The colours…the anchor….the technique…I love being creative!

  30. Marlene MacLean says:

    Have been following your blog on FB for a while now…loved the segment this morning. Would love to win the paint and supplies so thanks for the opportunity…

  31. Love the information you provide about these paints.

  32. Christa Tabbiner says:

    Hello! Watched CTV morning Live today and was excited to see Fat Paint.
    I’ve been looking to try this stuff for some time. I have some cottage chairs to re-do and the paint colours are Awesome!
    Please enter me in the contest, Love to try milk paint.

  33. Loved your segment on CTV this morning. Visiting Pam soon and will be doing some painting soon. Use to tole paint but this is looking like fun. Thanks

  34. Great segment and awesome products! I just finished my first piece (a book case) with your fushion paint and I am definitely hooked!

  35. Hello,
    Would love to try this paint as I have a few projects of honey oak and maple wood to cover up but can’t decide what color!!

  36. Becky Stockford says:

    Enjoyed the segment! Now if I can just talk my hubby into letting me paint our antique cabinet…!

  37. Roxanne Ward says:

    Loved your show this am on CTV Morning live. I have my grandfathers highchair that I want to paint .

  38. April phillips says:

    I wiuld love to try milk paint. Winning the basmet would be amazing:)
    Thanks for the opportunity!

    • April phillips says:

      Sorry about the spelling.. My phone changes everything on me. I have to remember re-read my messages before sending.
      Your segment was awesome as were your 12 diy days in december. Watched them all!

  39. Loanne Green says:

    Excellent segment.Dying to try the paint but once I do I may have a new addiction!

  40. Bonnie Smith says:

    Wendy you did great this morning! Looking forward to our week end at White Point!

    • The Front Porch Mercantile says:

      Can’t wait Bonnie, we’re going to have FUN! I’m so glad you guys are coming, I am a lil nervous about teaching a full weekend but I keep thinking that you guys are going to be there so it will be ok :)

  41. Shauna Moules says:

    Enjoyed the segment!

  42. Can’t wait to try the paints on some projects!


  43. Hi I’ve been wanting to stop into your shop I drive by every day. Would love to try something new. The pillows look great. Congratulations on the move and your tv segment today.

  44. Tracy Lagace says:

    Loved the segment. You inspire me to be creative!
    Can’t wait to visit the new store.

  45. Marlene Cyngot says:

    I watched your info on CTV Morning Live with great interest & was so happy to FINALLY learn a local place to buy milk paint!!!! I’ve tried making my own but wasn’t really happy with it. I’m working on a few (!) projects right now & am planning a couple more……love to repurpose stuff others see as “junk”. Definitely will check out your shop the next time I’m in NB. In the meantime I’d love to try out that lovely idea basket!!!!!

    • The Front Porch Mercantile says:

      Marlene we are in Lunenburg as well, and there are other MMSMP retailers around, thanks so much for watching :)

  46. Tammy Jones says:

    Awesome segment Wendy. This is definitely my new found love and hobby! Thanks for getting me hooked.

  47. You rocked that!!! Can’t wait to meet you IRL at White Point!! I tried to sign up for the newsletter, but apparently I already get it ?? Keep up all the amazing things you’re doing!!!

  48. Ardith Ambrose says:

    I have always wondered what this would be like to work with. Would be great to win this sample basket.

  49. You’re so FABULOUS!!!!

  50. Jasmine Verge says:

    You predicted a spill would happen last week during the workshop! Tks for the help – can’t wait to do my stencil projects!

  51. Easy Peasy is what I say! I’m headed to your Lunenburg location soon as the weather clears up. I’ve watched the video over and over and I’ll be painting in the kitchen this weekend :)

  52. Hope you have workshops at your Lunenburg location.

  53. Brenda Taylor says:

    Great job, ( I don’t think I could do live TV) on your DIY segment. I love anything to do with paint projects. I enjoyed all your videos prior to the Holidays. Keep up the good work.

  54. Martha Steeves says:

    Have been thinking for awhile about trying to paint some old pieces, but always thought it
    would be too much work. You make it look so easy, loved seeing it being done.

  55. Cindy Pierce says:

    Great job today! I am very interested in trying this product. It looks like so much fun, and the colors are fabulous.

  56. Great job on the segment. Can’t wait to see the new Moncton location.

  57. Cathy McAllister-Garland says:

    Awesome, and Thanks for this giveaway chance. Will be watching for the new Moncton Location!

  58. Looking forward to the next workshop in Lunenburg to learn how to give old cupboards new life.

  59. Mona McClintick says:

    Great segment! Heidi is always so much fun!! You need to come to PEI for a workshop weekend!

  60. Susan DeMarco says:

    You are so inspiring Wendy! Loved watching your segment ! Miss Mustard Seed’s Paint and FAT paint,are fun, easy to use and both offer an awesome palette of colours. Looking forward to the new Moncton location. Cheers !

  61. Broadcasting live can be a bit intimidating, but you did a great job! I’m already signed up for your newsletter, but would love a chance to win your giveaway.

  62. can’t wait to check out Mom’s Buy and Sell – great segment

  63. Loved the segment. Love the projects. Heading to Pam’s for some products to try. My Kitchen needs a makeover.

  64. Spilling the paint on the floor is just keeping it real :-) Good thing Mr. FPM was there! I’ve painted a lot of things, but I’ve never painted fabric – may have to try that out soon :-)

  65. Pam Matheson says:

    Loved the paint ideas. Please enter me in contest :)

  66. Ruby Nugent says:

    I watched your segment on CTV Morning Live Atlantic today and totally enjoyed the projects you shared…I’m hoping to get to your shop in Lunenburg soon. I’m looking for a jelly cupboard to paint.
    Thanks for the chance to win in your contest…