DIY Union Jack Chalk Painted Bench

Annie Sloan Painted Union Jack Bench from

The Little Bench That Could

I love lots of different paints, but this was my first go at chalk style paint and it was awesome! I love FAT Paint.

ESPECIALLY if you are super impatient like me!

I love a vintage, re-loved look and this paint, with no sanding or priming required and it’s super awesome colors, quick dry time and versatility is a god send!

My first project was this little bench



It was a REALLY blah old stool I recently bought used

80’s fabric, and it is cherry wood

(yes, I know, I need to take better pictures – who knew I’d need better pictures?)

I unscrewed the top from the base and wiped it clean and painted the base with 2 coats

Then, I taught myself to use an electric stapler – that was fun!

This is a similar type of electric stapler I use.(affiliate link) I love using an electric stapler and will never go back to a manual one, or a compressor (I’m too impatient to lug it all out..seriously)


I stapled the only fabric I could find in my house that was useable – drop cloth – to the top.

Why YES that IS my ironing board I’m using as a workbench, please don’t judge me! Professional at work here people…It came out kinda cute

painted with drop cloth cover


That was all I was going to do with it….

But then I starting thinking…and that sometimes can be scary

I thought it was ok, but, not, you know not “wow”

So I got out some FROG TAPE

(May I just say, that there is no better tape than FROG TAPE, use it and no other, seriously, just take my word for it, I have tried others and there is no comparison) and no, of course they are not paying me to say that!

FROG TAPE ROCKS. It just does!

My idea involved a Union Jack

I found a post on “how to draw a Union Jack”

(I can’t remember where but there are several)

 I eyeballed the lines…wanted it to be rough and “not perfect”

I don’t do perfect. I do real.

I wish I had better pictures, but I used an exacto knife and scissors and carefully cut the pieces out that were to be painted.

his was a little trickier than I thought..but not crazy hard

painting a union jack

I painted straight on the fabric

YES, I painted on the fabric

FAT chalk style paints kinda rock.

painted union jack


painted union jack (why yes, that is my ironing board, and why yes that is a wool rug under it that I am painting on, thanks for’s how I roll)

And here is my little Union Jack bench

Union Jack Bench Painted with ASCP by

My lil Union Jack Bench

Total time

a little over 2 hours

start to finish

I love chalk paint – these days I use only FAT Paint. 


union jack chalk painted bench

 Thanks for popping in!



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  1. Wendy!

    Hey rock star! I LOVE this! Would you mind if I put it on my Facebook page? Just let me know!

    Awesome to meet you!

    • Thankyou Karianne, it was SUCH a great pleasure to meet you at Haven as well. Loved your session for us baby bloggers, and your smile is truly contagious -I’m still smiling thinking about it! Thank you for popping in and sharing, my cupboards are bare, but i’m working on it thanks to your knowledge and encouragement! xx Wendy

  2. Wendy, I LOVE how this came out. I have a bit of a soft spot for the old union jack. Would love you to share it at my link party on Sunday and I’ll share it also this weekend on Facebook :) So glad I met you at Haven! x

  3. Thank you so much for linking up, Wendy, and also for your very kind comments :) I love this little bench!

  4. Danielle, thank you so much for featuring my Union Jack bench in August, I’m not sure why but I just today received this notice or I would have thanked you earlier, I don’t know how I missed it as I followed you blog every week. Wanted to say thank you! xx


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