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Our cottage is tiny. It matches our renovation budget. But we needed “something” to hide the ugly closets.

I ignored the situation until the final days of reno. I thought “hey, maybe I should tackle this”? What to do? We thought about bifold closet doors but there was very little clearance in the master bedroom. Sliding closet doors would block the closet and make it claustrophobic for our dogs.


Closet before

Did I mention our dogs sleep on dog beds in the closet when we are there? (ok not the above closet the double one, we’re not that mean). Maybe I shouldn’t even mention that, but, its how we roll. The room is small, they like to be near us, so our two Dobermans sleep adorably in the closet. I wish I had a picture. But, like children, they will not cooperate when I want them to. So…anyhoo.

No sliding door.

I decided to do a curtain type rod and had the idea to mount a rod inside the closet. Maybe this is super popular and common, but I could not find any ideas on my bible Pinterest or friends blogs. ha ha. I happened to have 2 panels from a pretty set of curtains I had purchased that were just too long for our windows (mostly because said above dogs kept stepping on them…grr)  I also had old rods leftover from my old tenants that were in the “to dump” pile. I rescued them. (I should totally wear a cape don’t you think?)

Mounting rod inside closet

I mounted (ok…ok…Mr FPM mounted) the rods – inside – the closet. We used these cup hooks (that we totally found inside the closet – winning) the second closet we had 1 set of curtain brackets leftover from our gazillion curtain rods/brackets we ordered.

rods inside mount for curtain in closet

Excuse the sexy interior of our closets. I have since painted but they are not pretty are they ha ha.

I put the curtains on and hemmed them up nicely  ripped off the bottoms. Perfect. Airy when we need it and good coverage when you want the closet door “closed”.

closet door making

This was a zero dollar and 15 min closet door project! It’s how we like our projects.

Closet Door Making Front Porch Mercantile

Closet Door Update

What do you think? Weird? It’s not perfect. But its perfectly imperfect for the cottage.

Leave me a comment and let me know. I love hearing from you. It makes me smile. :)

Thanks for popping in!


More about our cottage in beautiful Blue Rocks Nova Scotia can be found here (about our fixer upper) and here  (reno done)



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  1. Wendy, I love it! It looks perfect…..flow and pretty for a beach house. So much softer then any choice of closet doors you could have installed. And you’re lucky to have closets in your cottage home. I don’t.

  2. I love this idea. I had put mine on the outside of the closet door (1950’s bungalow with tiny bedrooms), but I like your idea way better. It provides a nice visual break and allows the trim around the door to pop out.