Easy Front Entry Update

Cottage Entry Update

It still surprises me how a coat of paint can make such a big impact. You would think I would be used to it but it still always surprises me how happy I get when a coat of paint is applied.

We are still working on our little Fixer Upper in Nova Scotia, today I’m sharing how we updated the front door, quickly, easily and cheaply. Here’s the before.

Before Entry

The light fixture that was there was totally not doing it for me and it had to come down. Right?

ugly old lighting

Keeping our tight budget in mind I have been looking for something to put there, I really really wanted a pretty glass pendant I found at Lowe’s but, it was a little pricey and glass fixtures are beautiful but need regular cleaning (we have several at home…dusty..lol) and I need to keep everything easy to clean at the cottage.  Trying to be practical is not always fun. So I kept looking. Funny enough,  when I stopped looking I found this cute pendant light, and on a clearance! It was marked down to 24$  and 50% off – SOLD!

It had a very long chain and wire and that is why I suspect it was on sale, Mr. FPM just cut the chain off and pulled the wire through (he’s handy to have around when I buy whacky sale light fixtures). Old light came down and the cute new one was up in no time at all.

While the light fixture was being installed I painted the inside of the front door. I used our Fusion Mineral Paint in Inglenook. Love this soft blue colour.

Inglenook at Front Porch Mercantile

I cleaned the door thoroughly, then used Ultra Grip on the metal door. You should wait 12 hours after Ultra Grip is applied. Ideally. Thats what Fusion says. But, do as I say, not as I do. I only waited 4 hours. It was an extremely windy and dry day, no humidity at all, I was confident that 4 hours would be enough. You should wait 12 hours (I’m suppose to tell you that, but use your best judgement, if its dry outside, but never less than 4 hours -k?)ultra grip for front door makeover at Front Porch Mercantile

2 coats of Inglenook (waiting 4 hours between coats) and we had a cute new looking front entry.

The carpet is from Ikea ($12) the cute little red mirror is from Wicker Emporium ($9)

Front entry update total cost $50 – booyah!

Here’s a little before/after

Entry before/after Fusion Mineral Paint at Front Porch Mercantile

Still have a few fixes here and there (I count 10 things in this picture alone that needs done ha ha), but we are happier looking at this space, and I wish I had a nicer picture, but, we always seem to be running in or out with tools, so it’s a miracle the picture doesn’t  have tools or dogs in it :)

A side note is that I finished this in late June and this is the main door. We’ve had tons of renters in and the dogs are always jumping up to see who is coming so I thought the door would be toast from sharp Doberman claws and suitcases, but I’ve been totally surprised at how incredible its been holding up! Yay Fusion!

Paint kinda does change everything doesn’t it?

Thanks for popping in. Have a fabulous day friends!





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