Easily Update Wicker Baskets

Did you see my cottage pantry updated? The pantry had a couple of baskets that I updated with a painted stripe. I thought I would show you just how easy it is to paint and update wicker baskets.

update a wicker basket with a little FAT Paint and Frog Tape

Seriously guys.

This is a 5 minute update.

For real.

What you need to update your wicker basket:

Basket  – any wicker basket will do, but you can get one like this wicker basket (affiliate link)

Painters Tape – I like Frog Tape

FAT Paint chalk style paint

Paint Brush 

Phew, even the list is small. Seriously guys.

this is all you need to get a cute new look on a wicker basket

So…excuse the messy brushes and paint cans. Seriously people, sometimes I think I should not post these pictures as they are not “picture perfect” but I try to keep it real, and this is the what it is at the cottage, at 10pm at night. Keeping it real for you all. I have not been blogging for awhile as I felt like things were not “magazine perfect” so I just didn’t post anything, but a few really awesome clients convinced me I should just keep blogging how to’s – perfectly imperfect pictures and all. Hope you agree.

Want to see what I have been using at the cottage for a can opener…..not gonna lie, I laugh every time I use this and think “what would people think about my professionalism if they saw this?” So here it goes, between you and me…how I open paint cans at the cottage.

how professionals open their paint cans at the cottage while painting

Yup, thats a lobster pick. I keep forgetting to bring paint can openers. Seriously. Crazy unprofessional right. But it is funny. Our cottage IS in a fishing village….so it makes sense in a way right? Tell me you don’t think less of me?

Ok. Lets paint.

First step – tape off your basket, don’t be fussy. Just tape and go.

update a wicker basket with FAT Paint

Now just use your FAT Paint to paint your stripe. I just smush it on the wicker. Very professional right?

FAT Painting wicker baskets for instant updates

Take off the tape off and Bob’s your uncle. All done. Update wicker basket, ready for the pantry! 5 min fix!

A crazy easy update you can do on all your wicker lying around.

Practical but cute accessories in our cottage pantry



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