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I am dedicated to helping my fellow retailers get prepared for this holiday season. If you’re interested in working with me for the next course, please sign up below.

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Paint Retailers … Are you feeling confident and completely organized for the upcoming Holiday Season?

Ya, right?

I know the feeling!!

Did you know Holiday Sales in most retail businesses account for over 50% of overall yearly revenue. Gulp.

This means that if you aren’t on top of your sales and marketing, workshop planning, merchandizing and staffing especially at this time of year, your shop will feel the financial burden and you will feel the stress. We don’t want that.

It also means you have a HUGE opportunity to increase your annual sales by ROCKING the holiday season!

Whether you are a seasoned pro, or just getting started, I bet you’ve been wishing things could change this year.


Does this sound familiar?

You are ready to have YOUR best Holiday Season to date and you have great plans… BUT……

  • Despite your big sales goals and ideas for workshops and market and more each year, you fail to create and stick with an effective plan. You usually end up scrambling at the last minute and stressed just trying to keep your head above water.
  • You aren’t hitting or exceeding your past holiday sales numbers. In fact, you aren’t even sure what your sales were last holiday season or what your goals SHOULD be.
  • You haven’t mapped out your holiday sales plan because you’re overwhelmed or you’d rather just wing it! 
  • You just don’t have time to plan things.
  • You know you SHOULD be doing things like adding workshops and planning your marketing, but you can’t seem to get the time to just sit down and do it.
  • You spend more time playing catch up and dealing with the day to day issues in your business than you spend on planning profitable workshops and great merchandise or worrying about your staff.
  • You have difficulty organizing and timing your marketing, sales, and promotion plan for maximum impact and you really don’t know what you should even be doing.
  • You feel isolated and aren’t being held accountable for hitting and exceeding your sales goals, it’s a little lonely running your business.
  • You wish you had like-minded support, but hey – none of your friends even “get” what you do, they clock into their jobs and leave, being a paint retailer and store owner is a whole weird thing to them.

Two years ago I found myself in November wishing I had remembered that there was a big festival in town and tons of people would be in town, and wishing I had thought about a Black Friday sale, and mad at myself that I ran out of bags, and working every-single-day because we were so busy (which by the way was awesome we were so busy, but….crazy). I missed a ton of “holiday” events in my town because I was “too busy”. I was frantically trying to make enough holiday product or ordering last minute paying for “rush” delivery. It wasn’t ideal and cost me a lot of money and loss of “good ideas”.

The following year I VOWED TO GET ON TRACK, and I sat down and tried to figure out what I should do. I hired a friend who was a retail coach and she kicked my butt and I am so grateful. I planned events, did some work on quiet September evenings, penned all my workshops at the beach, had time to make pretty graphics, hired awesome help. I was able to leisurely scroll through Pinterest to get inspired. I took time off during the Christmas rush, and I had AWESOME sales. I also had AWESOME SALES in January (usually my worst month every year). Because I planned to succeed.

Let me help you have a successful and STRESSLESS HOLIDAY SALES SEASON this year!

It can be done.

If you’ve been feeling behind all the time, well, it’s time to make a change. Take a breath. We’re going to get you some help!

Introducing: Kickstart Your Holiday Sales Bootcamp!

Having an overall plan, taking action, staying accountable and tracking your progress is the key to meeting or exceeding your sales revenue and keeping your sanity this Holiday.

I will help guide you to make a plan you can action and find a community and tribe that actually GET YOU to cheer you on so you are not doing it alone.

This 4-week bootcamp is specifically designed for paint retailers with bricks and mortar stores who are frustrated with always playing catch up, wrangling staff, missing events, wishing they had done this or that, and are ready to make some serious revenue this Holiday and maybe take a day off to go see Santa. (just imagine…)


A little planning and upfront work will save saves your sanity and make you money.


Holiday Sales

Here is what you can expect from the 4-week Kickstart Your Holiday Sales Bootcamp:

  • A private FB group with a dedicated small group of like-minded retailers
  • Weekly challenges (don’t worry – they won’t take you too long to do I pinky swear) delivered via video from me, bite size pieces of homework to help you plan and create a week-by-week sales & marketing plan so you can stay easily on track without stressing out about what to next.
  • Weekly live Q&As to answer your questions and help you through your challenge of the week.
  • Help getting focused on what workshops, events or promotions you should be offering over the Holiday Season for your shop specifically.
  • Access to me for questions through the 4 weeks.
  • Some time management tools that will help you get organized and less stressed
  • Direct help with Workshop and Event planning, Staffing and HR Management, Marketing and Promotions, Social Media help, Setting Sales Goals and How to achieve them, Wowing your Customers and more. All delivered in bite sized, manageable chunks.
  • Be prepped for the beginning of 2018! Imagine that?!
  • Daily support and accountability from a thriving community of success-focused retailers just like you!
  • Mentorship and guidance from Wendy
  • Dates for the challenge are Aug 21st – September 15th  the FB group will remain LIVE until the New Year though so our community can encourage and help each other through the Holiday Season and I will be available once a week for questions.
  • BONUS: A quick audit by Wendy of your individual social media platforms and a 5-10 pointer in any suggested changes.


I am dedicated to helping my fellow retailers get prepared for this holiday season. If you’re interested in working with me for the next course, please sign up here.


So here’s the big truth about this bootcamp.

I’ve been overwhelmed with paint retailers, just like you, contacting me to work one-on-one to get them organized through the holidays after I gave away my free Kickstart Plan. I’ll admit it was overwhelming the number of people who reached out. Flattering, but overwhelming.

I decided to put together this Holiday Sales BootCamp instead of offering one-on-one services over the couple of months or so.

It’s a beta launch of my first “course” and because of that I will be limiting the number of people to keep it small, manageable and interactive. There may be glitches and I hope you will be graceful with me on that. (Lord knows I am not a techie person but I’ve hired help so here’s hoping) but I do commit to helping you grow your business. I pinky swear I am giving this my all, and my soul goal is to see you prosper and grow and BE LESS STRESSED through the holidays this year!

Because it’s a beta launch, I’ve kept the price low. Most of my coaches and mentors thought the price should be much higher for almost one-on-one coaching over 4 weeks but I wanted to keep it affordable for paint retailers to make it back in just one workshop or event.

Your investment for ALL of the above is only $249 (usd) easily payable through paypal.

Sign up Here to be notified when the next class opens.

Why Wendy and this bootcamp?

Seriously…can Wendy help?

I hope so!

I’ve been working with some of the leading creative business innovators, paint manufacturers, and everyday mom and pop retailers all over North America and have owned my own business along with my husband for the last 20 years. I get it! I know how stressful and chaotic things can get and that you just wish you had someone to reach out and chat with. I wish I had someone to help me when I was “knee deep” in.

I like to help. For real.

My goal is to mentor other creatives by inspiring them to succeed and grow with confidence.

I have recently franchised our Front Porch Mercantile retail stores and our ongoing business growth means I can bring a fresh business perspective to your business. My passion is to mentor other creatives by inspiring them to succeed and grow with confidence.

Some questions you may have

I don’t know if this is for me?

Are you a bricks and mortar paint or creative  retail store owner looking to have a successful and stress-free Holiday season? This is for you.
Did you tell yourself last year that next year would be different? This is for you.
Do you like being stressed and overwhelmed with no plan? If yes, this is not for you.

Do you offer refunds?

I’m happy to offer a full refund prior to the start of the boot camp. Once the boot camp starts on August 21st there will be no refunds, thank you for understanding.

How much TIME will this take?

I know, I know, we are ALL BUSY. But, taking as little as 1 hour a week for 4 weeks WILL gain you SO much TIME LATER, when you are organized and prepared for the season. You can’t afford the time NOT to do. I do estimate about 1 hour a week for homework and trainings though if you “need a number” to plug into your schedule.

Um Wendy…WHEN is this bootcamp running?

We will kick off our boot camp on August 21st with your first training video. Our schedule will be Monday video training released, and Thursday LIVE Q&A, most likely evenings.

Have another question?

Just email and I will try to answer asap for you!


I hope you can join me. I am super excited to help you grow and prosper  and be LESS STRESSED running your retail business his Holiday Season!


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