It’s true, our house has sold. It didn’t take long, and now we’re freaking out!

It all sounded great on paper. Franchise the business (that story here), open a studio in Lunenburg (that story coming), sell the house, move to the cottage by the sea.   Easy. Scary. Ha Ha.

New Beginnings for Front Porch Mercantile

So many of you have been asking about the house and I love that you care so much. Thank you. A wonderful family is moving into the house (in September for those wondering), and the reality is we are moving from this home we love, and we have to sell most things and pack and move the rest. Oy. Reality is hard.

Country Living in Lower Coverdale

will miss summer nights around the campfire


Everything has been amazing, and we are truly looking forward to moving to Lunenburg full time. But, now it’s real and scary.

As I type this my daughter is home from New Zealand for a vacation for a few weeks. It’s a lovely time for us to all say “goodbye” to this house we have loved for so long. It’s bitter sweet.

Front Porch Mercantile our house for sale

I know it’s what we wanted, and in the bigger picture, it’s going to be wonderful. But our tiny house by the sea needs so much attention and renovations (it’s not as charming in February as it is in July lol), we are moving away from all our family and good friends and honestly, we are changing the way we earn a living as we grow and expand Front Porch Mercantile. (we have some fun new plans I’m excited to share with you soon). All kinda scary, but all kinda exciting too.

Front Porch Mercantile our house for sale

I keep trying to remember our WHY. Which is to live a little more fully and present with a simpler life by the sea. To seek creative fun and happy adventures.

It’s all good, but, these next few months are going to be a test. Packing and purging and selling everything. Like EVERYTHING.

We sold our house and are moving - big scary changes

Downsizing stuff to upsize life as I say.

I’ll still teach workshops, work and paint all summer though. That will keep me sane. While I pack and purge and sell.

Have you ever moved from a much-loved home to a smaller home? Any tips?

I’ll be posting some fun renovations, decor and paint stuff along with some new tutorials and before and afters soon. Lots going on, I’m excited about this next adventure. Just a little woobly. Our house is sold. Now what? Eek.

Here we go…

Adventure Awaits us as we prepare to move

As always, thank you you popping in and joining me along this creative journey.  I love hearing from you so please feel free to comment below.



ps..for those wondering what happened on my scary adventure to Toronto I’ll write a follow up about that. It wasn’t as scary as I thought. ;)