How To Paint a Christmas Pillow


Don’t you just love a cute Christmas pillow?

We do too,  and we also love an easy paint project!

Painting on fabric is easy and fun, and dare I say a little addictive!

To make these Christmas pillows gather up the following supplies:

A pillow cover (I use burlap pillow covers)

FAT Paint in your chosen colour (available in 4oz sample sizes)

a stencil brush (available at Walmart)

A Stencil (Front Porch Mercantile carries a full line)

A board or piece of plastic that fits into your pillow

Paper Towel for dabbing the paint off


How to:

Step 1)

Simply place the plastic or cardboard inside your pillow (this stops the paint from going through to the other side)

How To Paint Christmas Pillows by Front Porch Mercantile

Step 2)

Place your stencil entered on the pillow (Make sure the zipper is on the bottom) You can tape it or just hold it with your hand (my chosen way, but I am impatient) :)

Step 3)

Pick your FAT Paint artisan chalk paint colour (I used Red Barchetta and Emerald Green for this pillow), dip your stencil brush into the paint and then offload as much paint as you can on the paper towel. You want to use s fairly dry brush, you may want to practice on another piece of fabric first, to get your groove on. Use circular or dabbing motion with your stencil brush to stencil.

Stencilling Painted Pillows Front Porch Mercantile

Step 4)

Remove the stencil and step back and ohh and ahh at your awesome work!

Step 5)

Wait until your FAT Paint is dry (should be dry in 10-15 mins) and stuff your pillow and you are done!

Finished Painted Christmas Pillow Front Porch Mercantile

Told you, easy peasy.

You can use most fabric covers as long as they are plain. We love using burlap, but any plain case will work.

Thanks for popping in, happy painting!

*update* for those asking, I get my pillow covers from a wholesaler, I have just placed an order and will offer unpainted covers for sale at Front Porch Mercantile. These will be available after Nov 22 :)


ps…don’t want to paint your own pillow? We have several different Christmas Pillows in the shop, come on in and see us




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  1. Awesome project & turned out great! Where did you get the burlap pillow cover?

    • Hi Terri, I buy them from a wholesaler but just placed an order and will offer them for sale when they come in next week at the shop, I also buy cotton or canvas plain ones from Walmart on occasion :)