How To Paint a Wooden Wine Tasting Sign

Wooden Wine Tasting Sign

Wine Tasting – This Way


Hi Y’all

Is it just me, or has a switch just turned on and POOF – FALL is in the air?

I hate to give up summer, but there is something so special about Fall…

We just got back from visiting some lovely wineries in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia

Luckett Vineyard Painted wine tasting sign

Beautiful Luckett Vineyard

I love vineyards this time of the year don’t you?

They are so pretty, and fun, and they have wine tastings and dinners with dancing on beautiful outdoor terraces when the sun is going down, and 20 piece brass bands playing, and red phone box’s- yes, there is a British Red Phonebox in the middle of this beautiful vineyard! Sigh…it is heaven and ps..You can call anywhere in the world for free too..for reals!

SO…this is why I made this little sign for my porch, because, well, a red phone box is cool, but not as easy to come by!

My wine tasting sign reminds me of the vineyards and the quiet and the yummy wines and the good times…

We found this board washed up on a beach in the SouthShore of Nova Scotia on a family vacation

wooden board for sign

Found washed up on NS beach


I  thought it would make a beautiful wooden wine tasting sign…

There wasn’t much to it..easy peasy

I printed the “wine tasting” on my computer in a font I thought would be casual enough for a casual painted wine sign


wine tasting sign

Print Letters on computer

( idea what font I used..sorry and um…please excuse the computer cords, pillows on the floor and the general mess around..k?)

I poured a glass of wine and then cut and taped my letters to my board  THIS Tape as it sticks the best to my wood. Cutting and taping – so fun!

wine tasting sign lettering

Tape letters – I used a level but eyeballed the distances

I traced the letters with a pen so they would imprint on the board

Then I just used a dark brown indoor/outdoor acrylic paint to fill in the letters

Hubby attached a couple of eye hooks and a little chain…and voila!

all done!

all done!

I didn’t distress or sand, because it hangs outside, I thought it would weather nicely


wood painted wine tasting sign

so…when are you coming over?

Our wooden painted wine tasting sign..hanging proudly directing the way to the screen room

Where we may, or may not do a bit of wine tasting!

(We just met, so I won’t mention our Wine.e Wednesday nights in the screen room lest you think less of me)

Hope you are enjoying the last bits of summer and get to spend some time on the porch enjoying some wine tasting…

Thanks for popping by,



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  1. Hey Wendy, love your new sign and hearing about your adventures in wine tasting in the valley! They are so beautiful and the added bonus of havering a wee bit o wine! Yay you!!

    • Thank you Nancy, if you have not been you need to go to the valley for a weekend! There is a hop on hop off bus, it’s pink, and goes to all the vineyards – didn’t do it this time, but it’s on the list. Going to pop over and see you next week if you are around The Village.

  2. I love the phone booth…wonder where we can find one of those hehe

  3. Love the sign….but love that font even more!

    Thanks for inspiring me and happy day to you friend!

    • Thanks Karianne, we love that front porch too, its full of chippy paint and messy, but we love it! Thanks so much for stopping in, wish you could stop in for reals and sip some wine with me – right there on that big ole porch! xx