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Sorry, you missed this cycle. I am currently focused on helping our group of 50+ retailers to grow their business.

I had SO many people contact me after I launched my (sold out) 3 month one on one coaching program in January that were unable to join for various reasons and have asked me about organizing something different, more community focused, more inclusive. So I listened.

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Please join my wait list if  … 

… you are a bricks and mortar or booth sales retailer, selling paint, painted furniture, upcycling and/or creative items in a retail environment it’s for you

… you want to grow your business.

… you need help with the business end of your creative work

… you are a complete newbie or experienced retailer

… you want to learn more aboutsocial media, how to get bums in seats for workshops, HR best practices, merchandising, trends, advertising, financials, how to grow and what to do to get to the next step and all things a retailer needs to know

… you want to stop scrambling

… you are not exceeding you sales numbers

… you haven’t mapped out promotional calendars and sales plans

… you just don’t have time to plan

… you want to add workshops and better promotions and marketing

… you are tired of playing catch up and being disorganized

… you need accountability

… you need support and idea-sharing of like-minded store owners who “GET IT”

… you LOVE your bricks and mortar store but you feel it has taken over every aspect of your life


Get notified when the Paintpreneur's Inner Circle Reopens

* indicates required

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