Ever wish you could hand paint like a pro? You know how some people are just born artistic?

Things come super easy to them, like hand painting beautiful designs on furniture?

I LOVE the look of these pretty dressers Miss Mustard Seed (Marian Parsons) does.

Beautiful Stencil Dresser from Miss Mustard Seed


Beautiful hand painted dressers is not do able for everyone, we now have hand painted stencils available from MMS

Hand Painted dresser are not easy for all of us, I am super excited to see we can now get STENCILS from Miss Mustard Seed

She free hands them, sometimes using chalk first as an outline.  (See how here in a post from Marian) You know, just picks up a brush and strokes on these pretty lines.

So I tried. It was a hilarious mess!

Good thing I tell people all the time “It’s just paint, you can repaint if you mess it up”.  Seriously, I am not an artist. I can paint, but not artistic paint.

Fast forward and Miss Mustard Seed and I are chatting about new products for the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint line. She tells me she has these stencils in the works and wonders, though “Does anyone really need them? Can’t they just free hand too?” So I told her NO. Ha ha and I told her about my mess. As an artist, it comes easy to her, as a non-artist I am OVER THE MOON excited about these stencils.

If you want to embrace the artist within do it the easy way with our new authentic brush-stroke stencils from Miss Mustard Seed. Seriously, I am in LOVE with these.

Taken from favorite hand-painted patterns, the five stencil designs are elegant, simple and have a distinctly feminine touch, something Miss Mustard Seed allowed to inspire their names. Nancy, Kimbrough, Linda, Elizabeth and Susan. These are the names of women significant in Parson’s life who helped shape and encourage her, including her mother, aunt and niece. Miss Mustard Seed has a tradition in her family of passing names down, so she decided to pass family names down to my stencils.

(ps..I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of her family and they are all super creative)

Beautiful new brush stoke stencils now available


Beautiful hand painted stencils with brush strokes now in the MMSMP line

Miss Mustard Seed placed a unique twist on her stencils, by recreating an authentic brush-stroke stencil that emphasizes the individualized look of a hand-painted design. With furniture upcycling and painted pieces playing an important role in interior design, adding artistic touches including a “real” hand-painted accent to furniture provides a customized look that buyers appreciate and seek out.

Beautiful hand painted stencils from MMSMP

Can you SEE the brush strokes on these stencils? SO unique and amazing.

Hand Painted Brush Strokes on these stencils make them so unique from MMSMP

These stencils are laser cut and high quality. Making them reusable for years to come.

I’m SO sure there are many of you out there that, like me love the look but lack the “hand painting” artistic skill, you are going to love to be able to freehand paint a design on your furniture and accessories.

These stencils are currently available in our Moncton location and will be available in mid March at our booth space at Mom’s Buy and Sell and from our online store.

I will also be doing a complete how to stencil post soon for you.

Tell me, what would you like to stencil? Have you tried free hand? I’d love to know

Have a wonderful day friends,



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our new hand painted stencils have gorgeous brush strokes - from the MMSMP collection