One Dresser – Two Looks


Mustard Seed dresser before/after Front Porch Mercantile

Recently my customer (and now good friend) Colette from Little Blue House by the Bay texted me a picture of a sweet dresser.

I got excited as it was in my town (she lives several hours from me). Then she said “I’m on my way to pick this up today!” ok…darn….I guess I can’t have it then! :)

But then she said “there is a twin” so BOTH dressers were picked up. :)

The fun started when she came to pick it up and we asked each other what we would do with our individual dressers. A “dresser duel” was born. I have NO idea what she is doing with hers…she has NO idea what I did with mine. She is crazy talented so I’m pretty sure she’s going to blow me out of the water.

We decided to just post on the dresser and be surprised (I will die laughing if we did the same colour!)

Here is mine…the before, sad sad sad and in bad shape.


Her dresser was naked, as in unpainted condition, mine had been painted AND WAXED (you painters out there KNOW how fun that must have been) I’ll be honest, it also had a mess of drawers that Mr. FPM had to repair and rebuild. I removed the wax with Miss Mustard Seed’s Odourless Solvent, gave her a light sand and painted her in one of my favourite Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint colours Mustard Seed Yellow.


I distressed her down to the brown using a wax puck resist and finished her with my favourite MMS Hemp Oil. Gosh I love Hemp Oil. She was finished off with some sweet knobs from our inventory here at Front Porch Mercantile.

Look at the awesome crackly going on. I love crackle. It makes me all giddy. I’m a paint nerd and proud of it.

chippy goodness - Front Porch Mercantile

I found it really really hard to photograph this dresser to show her proper colour. Mustard Seed Yellow is one of my favourite vintage yellows.

Mustard Seed Yellow Front Porch Mercantile




Mustard Seed dresser at Front Porch Mercantile


So….want to see DRESSER #2? Head on over to Little Blue House by the Bay and see what Colette did with hers! Dresser Duel 2015! ha ha

What do you think? We won’t ask you to pick, that would be weird. But how fun is this?

One dresser – two looks.

Paint changes everything doesn’t it? Leave me a comment and let me know what YOU would have done with your dresser! I love hearing from you!






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  1. WHat a genius idea! I loved checking them both out. So similar but very different. Nice job to both of you!

  2. Love the duel but then again I love a challenge! Although I adore the yellow ~ I do love the blue with the natural top that Colette did….. not that I would not take both of them in a heartbeat! Great job ladies.

  3. Love the duel but then again I love a challenge! Although I adore the yellow that Wendy did ~ I do love the blue with the natural top….. not that I would not take both of them in a heartbeat! Great job ladies.

  4. OK ~ the 2nd comment was suppose to go over at Colette’s blog ~ beeeder

  5. That is so cheerful! And it totally brought the barley twist out. Way to save a cute dresser in need of some love. I have a few around here that need some sliding rails repaired. Sigh. I’m sure I’ll get to it.
    All the best,
    The Other Marian

  6. Nice work, both of you! Great fun idea!

  7. I have never heard of this solvent by Miss Mustard Seed. Tell me more.

    I love the color you chose.

    • The Front Porch Mercantile says:

      Thanks Lisa, MMS has a fabulous odourless solvent, excellent for removing wax and great for cleaning! :)