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Last Minute Gift Ideas from Front Porch Mercantile

As Elf says SANTA's COMING! Are you ready? Do you need some last minute gift ideas? We have some great ideas from our Moncton location for gift giving this Holiday season! Do you have a creative in your life, or are you a creative and want to nudge YOUR Santa? Paint...

Milk Painted Chair How To

Yes, you read that title correctly, I'm going to share with you a Miss Mustard Seed's Milk painted chair! I don't usually recommend milk paint on fabric. Truth is, when Lisa, our fabulous Moncton store owner announced on Facebook she was going to paint a chair with...

Crackle Finish Piano Stool

I love a good crackle finish. I love Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint. I love this little stool. One thing I love about milk paint is it's unpredictability sometimes and it's unique and beautiful finish. I just find these little piano stools so cute. This one needed a...

Moving and Changing

Can you believe it? This is our last week at our current location before we franchise and move Front Porch Mercantile and make our big move. Come in and see us, we have some great specials on some items as we would rather sell them than pack them up!   Things are...

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A CTV Morning Recap, Resources and Contest

Hi! Did you see our segment on CTV Morning today? Thank you if you did, it's pretty nerve wrecking doing DIY on LIVE tv. EEK Wow live tv is FAST, 3 mins go like THAT! Phew. Heidi rocked the milk paint - wow - super awesome painter, and the crew at CTV Morning are...

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Some BIG Front Porch News

Oh my gosh you guys! We have BIG news! For real! And it's all because of you and your great support this past 3 years. I've started this post about bazillion times. Do I tell you guys everything that is going on? Just a bit? All the news or just the bullet points?...

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What is Shiplap and Where to Buy it

We are asked a lot "what is shiplap?"   With the popularity of Chip and Joanna Gains of HGTV's Fixer-Upper shiplap has become super popular and in demand to add character to the interior of homes. They use shiplap on everything! Shiplap adds a lot of character and I...

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DIY by The Sea – February 3-5th – Update

Oh my gosh, you guys, our DIY by the Sea Retreat at white Point Beach Resort in South Shore Nova Scotia is shaping up to be so much fun! Are you coming? We all need a little break by February don't we? Why not grab your girlfriends (or come alone for a little break)...

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Easy Holiday DIY – Stencil Fun

Hi Friends, thanks for following along with our 12 Days of Easy Holiday DIY, we've had so many viewers and lots of fun feedback. Thanks for watching, all days of the live videos can be seen on our FB page. Today we stencil! And I will start off by saying it was so...

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Easy Holiday DIY-Painted Mason Jars

Happy Day 2 of our 12 Days of Holiday DIY! Today we are painting mason jars. Did you catch us live on Facebook today? I started painting up a pretty jar this afternoon at the shop. Painting mason jars are super popular and super easy! I know many of you have done this...

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Easy Holiday DIY – Painted Pots

  Hi Friends, did you see the FB Live post I did this afternoon in the kitchen? (Dec 2016) Our first day of DIY started a little shaky but hope it got you thinking about last minute inexpensive DIY. It's not to late to paint up, or make some Christmas decor or gifts....

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Painting Skates How To

Hey friends, today we're painting skates. Yup. Skates. I told you I like to paint ALL the things. :) I'm going to show you how you can easily paint skates to make cute Holiday decor. Last week I posted a picture on Facebook of the shop and in the photo was a pair of...

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I’m off to Miss Mustard Seed’s Studio

Guys! Guess what? Guess where I am off to this week? I'm jetting off to Pennsylvania to spend a few days with Miss Mustard Seed in her beautiful studio. For real. (all photos on this post are from Miss Mustard Seed) I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am...

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Save the Date – A DIY By the Sea Retreat

I'm so excited. A DIY Paint by the Sea Retreat. Did you hear? I made a little announcement on Facebook today.  Go have a peek. I'll wait..... Did you see? We're hosting a retreat. I know...bad hair, terrible video but seriously...did you SEE that beach?? The resort??...

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Are you a little nervous to get started on that next DIY project or maybe looking for some inspiration? On a budget but want a change? You're in the right spot! Hi! I’m Wendy, paint nerd, serial DIY'er and inspirer of creativity. I love to paint and I kinda dig inspiring others to so as well! Follow along, shop in our stores, join us for a workshop or just follow along..

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“Awwwwweeee!!! Loved your Workshop!!! So relaxing, and Wendy is a delight. It is obvious; this woman has a passion for what she does. Thank you for sharing that with others! Keep up the great work!!! I cannot wait to attend my next workshop. “

– Mia L, Dieppe, NB 



“I recently attended a painting class with Wendy Batten of Front Porch Mercantile having zero clues as to what we’d be doing other than using MMS milk paint and doing some sort of bird house. Well… was I ever in for a surprise! Not only did we get to paint aforementioned bird house (which totally rocked!), we also painted an amazing flower pot as well – in our choice of colors. I love, love, LOVED this class and definitely will attend another one! She should just call them “Fun at the Front Porch” as the classes are fabulous, just like her product and herself.”


– Marlene Oulton

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