Wow! I posted a picture of a deer silhouette I made on Instagram  and had a bazillion requests for a how to (ok, maybe not a bazillion, but there were A LOT). Deer heads are pretty popular y’all!

How to Easily Paint a Deer Head

So here is my easy peasy “how to” so you can make your own deer head. Really, its SUPER easy!

Here’s what you need:

An old board, I use reclaimed perfectly imperfect boards (or a new board works)

Miss Mustard Seed’s Curio Milk Paint (or any stain you might have on hand)

Sand Paper – fine sand paper 400-Grit (what I use)


a piece of chalk


Fat Paint 


Hemp Oil and rag

Here’s how to paint your deer silhouette

So easy

Stain your board with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. No smell, no mess, just mix your milk paint thin, I use a 3 parts water to 1 part paint mix. Paint your board and wipe off, just like stain. Phew. That was hard. (no, not at all, I’m kidding, it’s so easy like easy easy) No will never use the stinky stuff again!

staining wood with Curio

It will dry super duper super quick!


Next Step: Print out this deer silhouette

I used this one.Deer Head Silhouette

Now take the white chalk and rub it all over the back side of the picture. I know. Weird, just do it.

How to Stencil a Deer Head

Now place you deer head on the board and use a ball point pen to trace the outline.

How to Paint a Deer Head

When you lift off your picture you will have a chalk outline left. Now take a small paint brush and paint. Easy. Peasy.

(this particular deer head is on reclaimed board and has a hole in its throat, poor thing, I snapped this from one that I made at the shop at a later date to show you this step, its not the same as the finished one, no actual deer were shot in the making of this how to)

How to paint a deer head


Once the paint dries, sand a little to distress and smooth, then use hemp oil to make the whole thing come alive.

Add a hanger on the back and voila.

How to paint a deer head

You are done my friend. Easy. Peasy. Told ya.

Now take a picture and send it to me, would love to see your finished project. Your friends will all be jealous at your awesomeness. They will. It’s true.

Enjoy your deer head!

Don’t want to make your own deer head? We still have a couple (as of today) left in the shop if you are in the area pop in – thats even easier!!

Thanks for stopping  in, hope you are having a great December!



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