Paint Tip – Prop it up and Turn it Upside-down

Hi Friends, I’m back with another quick furniture painting tip.

Paint Tip from Front Porch Mercantile

Recently one of my cottage renters emailed me and said she just had a quick questions “why do all my tuna cans have weird paint marks on them?” It was driving her family crazy trying to figure it out.

Here’s why.

Prop up your furniture when you start painting, I use tuna cans or whatever I have on hand

I prop up my furniture to paint and I use whatever I have on hand to prop up my furniture. Funny I know. I promise I really am a professional. lol. The ones that they saw with the paint marks had been used for chairs – so 4 cans had paint on them lol. Some painter friends and customers use professional raisers and platforms like this or I saw these ones once at Lee Valley.

If I can, I raise it up on a table or as high as I can get it. Makes it so much easier on me if I don’t have to squat – so raise it up!

I also start with everything upside down. Unless its a super heavy piece, I turn it upside down and start painting that way. ALWAYS.

It really helps to get all the nooks and crannies. Easy peasy.

Always start painting your furniture pieces upside down

Have you ever flipped furniture over to start painting?

Hope this tip helps you with your next project! Thanks or popping in!



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  1. We were in St. John and Moncton N.B. last week. On our way to Halifax N.S. Of course we were the area the days and times your shop was closed. Bummer. We were on vacation from Pennsylvania. Thanks for all your tips. I like to use push pins on the bottoms of chairs etc. they raise it up enough so it doesn’t stick to the newspaper etc.

    • The Front Porch Mercantile says:

      great ideas – and sorry we missed you! I am actually headed to Pennsylvania next week to visit Miss Mustard Seed at her studio. Can’t wait it looks so beautiful there

  2. Annie (Canada) says:

    Thanks for the tip Wendy :) I also paint everything I can upside down, if I can, it makes life way easier and I’m all about that! Happy Painting :)