Painted Adirondack Chairs

painting our Adirondacks chairs  with Fusion Mineral Paint


Another fun cottage project. We (and by we I mean Mr. FPM) painted my Adirondack chairs.

Well, actually, he painted one, because I didn’t bring enough paint. You know, the girl who owns a paint shop didn’t bring enough paint to do her projects, to be fair, I brought A LOT of paint here, but wasn’t committed to colours until I got here, so ya, we ran out of red. Anyhoo…we used Fusion Mineral Paint and used my Homeright Max Pro Sprayer, an easy peasy way to paint an Adirondack chair.

Using our Homeright Finish Max Pro Sprayer Front Porch Mercantile

I used Fort York Red for this chair, we will be doing a total of 4 chairs. We are going to do 2 red and 2 yellow I think.  Maybe. Still cannot commit. Colour is a must when you have a cottage on the South Shore so I am torn.

We bought our chairs from our favourite place Zwicker’s Woodworking. Look at all the pretty colours.

painted Adirondacks Front Porch Mercantile

As we are on a budget, we bought the most economical chair – the naked ones – and decided to paint them ourselves. Cuz…it’s easy, and thats what we do.

We used our Homeright Finish Max Pro Sprayer which we love. It has a built in compressor thingie so no extra compressor required. (and I am pretty sure the technical name is not compressor”thingie” but you know what I mean right?) :) The Mr had this sprayed in less than half an hour including set up. Honestly this chair only took 1 coat. He didn’t have a lot of paint (about 1/2 a pint) and painted both sides. I snapped this through the screen window – I know – garbage can and screen are not the best for shots.

He thinned the paint down about 10% to use in the sprayer.


Fusion Mineral Paint is not an exterior paint, but does hold up well outside. I’ve used it outside several times and love it. Its really salty and windy and harsh here on the ocean in Nova Scotia, so we will bringing them in during the winter. But I’m confident they will hold up.

I’ll bring more paint next trip and get them all painted up. We have a great selection of Fusion Mineral Paint colours at the shop so I’m excited to try a few. I’m also going to be painting a picnic table if time (and budget) permit.

ok…so here’s where I need help, do you think I should do the chairs in 4 different colours, or stick to red and yellow? I like the green and blue too…I’m kinda torn. What do you think?

**update we painted 4 chairs in 4 colours, thanks for your help!

Adirondack Chair Front Porch Mercantile

Fusion Painted Adirondack Chairs - Front Porch Mercnantile



Thanks for dropping in today, if you are local, I hope you are enjoying this Spring weather we’ve finally had! I love the fact we have green outside now! Woot Woot!

Have a happy day friends!


**please note, Homeright sent me the sprayer to try a year ago, they asked me to blog about my experience only if I wanted to, I am not being paid to post about it (wouldn’t that be nice ha ha) all opinions are my own and I (ok – and hubby’s)  we really likes using it. We’ve painted our front porch home and at the cottage and it works great if you are looking for a sprayer. If you are looking to purchase one, you can do so here HomeRight C800766 Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer (affiliate link)



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  1. Carol Grandbois says:

    You do such a great job Wendy, on all your posts.
    I always like seeing 4 different color andarondac chairs…they seem to spell JOY……and BEACH ….RELAX…..FUN…..INVITING……
    They make you stop to look at them.
    And everyone will run to sit on their favorite color chair……(just saying…lol…)
    Carol Grandbois

  2. When you say that he ‘thinned down 10%’ what do you mean or what do you use to thin it down.? Water? I haven’t used the Fusion paint only the milk paint so far.

    • Hi Tannis, yes, when you spray paint, you usually have to thin the paint down a bit with water. So about 10% water added to the paint, we usually try a bit then add more if required. This is only if you are spray painting :)

  3. I love the chairs!! Personally I would go with four colours !!! But the two colours you have chosen are great!!

  4. Hello! Stopping by to “Meet” you via your post on the Haven 15 FB page. Love your blog, and can’t wait to meet you in Atlanta! Oh, and, you’ve probably already decided, but I vote for four colors too…;)

    • Looking forward to meeting you too! I did decide on 4 colours ha ha – great minds and all – see you in Atlanta!


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