Quick and Easy Mirror Makeover

Mirror Front Porch Mercantile

Sometimes you just don’t have time or energy for big projects. Sometimes you are on a deadline and you have a wall that needs a little something. Sometimes you have a guest room in a cottage and your sister tells you that you need a mirror in the room, and well you just grab what you have. I found this mirror for $1 at a garage sale. Excuse the dust and the mess in the background – renovations are messy people – look away!

mirror before

It was our last day before our renters were coming in and I had a few little “spots” that needed “something”.  I grabbed this mirror and (oh my gosh this is almost too easy) a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint Fort York Red.

(Which I think should now be called Lunenburg Red or Cottage Red since I used it so much in our cottage) anyhow…I digress…sorry… I do that a lot.

Back to the ugly dirty mirror.

Honestly, 5 mins or less to paint this up. Second coat less than 5 mins. (This is where I tell you that I waited the 4 hours minimum between coats, ya, nope, didn’t but, do as I say not as I do)

Fort York Red Mirror Front Porch Mercantile

You can see my jar is messy. No time for pretty props or pretty blog post worthy shots, we were rushing through here people, honest, we painted about 10 things a day. Seriously. Just wait until I do a post and show you how many things 1 jar of Fusion Mineral Paint did at the cottage – amazing!

In a very short time I had this cute little mirror. Easy Peasy. This is after the first coat. Great coverage for a red!

Fort York Red Fusion painted mirror

I finished it off with some cute map bunting. I am totally obsessed with map bunting. Seriously. I was inspired by my friend Danielle at Finding Silver Pennies and this blog post.

Red Mirror with Bunting Front Porch Mercantile

I love how this little garage sale find turned out. We used and reused a lot of cute finds and a lot of paint in our cottage reno. I’m always surprised what a little paint can do.

What have you painted lately? I would love for you to leave a comment and tell me.

Thanks for popping in! I truly love that you do!





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  1. Seriously….$1! I love it…the bunting too.

  2. What a great idea! I’ll tuck that away for future use.