Re-Loved Abandoned Dresser (Guest Post Little Blue House by the Bay)

Before After Front Porch Mercantile and Little Blue House by the Bay

Today I am excited to have my first “guest” here on Front Porch Mercantile. I met Colette from Little Blue House on The Bay when she popped into my shop 2 years ago to buy her first bag of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. She lives in Northern NB and she organized a fun workshop that I taught to a large group in her home town. We became fast friends and I cannot tell you how awesome she is and how much I love her work. (Miss Mustard Seed herself does too, she has recently asked Colette to be a contributor to the MMS Blog) The piece she worked on was a piece that a friend had rescued from an abandoned house. It was sad and in need of some love. I painted the matching dresser (post to follow) and challenged Colette to fix this cranky girl. Without further adieu … here’s Colette’s post:

Hello Front Porch Mercantile friends! It’s Colette from Little Blue House by the Bay and I’m going to show you how I re-loved this cranky little cabinet into a cheery little treasure!

Wendy picked up this tired little piece and challenged me to fix her up and give her a facelift with some Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. I was happy to oblige and excited to get to work on this transformation.

OldCranky piece Before

Cranky Piece Before

At first glance I thought I would paint the entire piece including the top. It looked like the wood on the top was severely damaged and I had little hope that I would be even be able to see the natural grain of the wood. With every layer of stain that was stripped, the grain began to show more and more. Then with a little rub of fine steel wool, it was all set to be sealed.

Before top

This wood was old and dry and ready to be treated with something to bring it back to life. I applied about three tablespoons of Hemp Oil and let it sit for a half hour. It was like the wood drank up the oil and used exactly what it needed to reveal its full potential. There was just a residual amount left that I quickly wiped away with a paper towel and voila…that was it! I still am in awe every single time I use Hemp Oil this way. It has never ever failed to literally put life back into dry, forgotten and neglected wood. I kind of love the stuff.

Hemp Oiling Dresser Top Front Porch Mercantile

Re loved dresser top after

The doors were too big and would not shut properly so I decided to remove them all together and create an open feel. Taking the doors off added so much charm and it also allowed for me to paint the inside a nice white to make it pop even more. I picture a dark brown wicker basket in that space but you could really put whatever you want in there.

Top After

For the color, I started with a light base of MMSMP in Linen and added Mustard Seed Yellow until I got the perfect shade of creamy yellow (I was trying to mimic the color of butter). I didn’t measure how much of each but it was much less yellow than linen in case you’d like to try to mix this color. I then sealed it in MMSMP Furniture Wax.

Re Loved Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Linen and Mustard Seed Yellow

Sweet Re loved painted piece Front Porch Mercantile

It was a fun challenge to re-love this little cabinet. It’s always rewarding to bring an old piece back to life. I can’t wait to see where this one ends up. Wendy will have this little gem at her shop so head in soon if you want to scoop it up!


Isn’t this piece adorable? Colette did a great job.  Be sure to pop over to Colette’s blog and Facebook. You will totally be inspired!

Thank you Colette for visiting today! Love this piece.



PS…check out this post, where Colette and I did matching dressers :)

Mustard Seed dresser before/after Front Porch Mercantile



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  1. This was so much fun! Thank you for trusting me with this beautiful piece!