Reno Update, Workshop and Open House Dates

Hi Everyone!

Thought it was time to update you on our shop opening and reno projects!

We are moving along with renovations and all the “fun” stuff involved with opening a business!

We have been busy playing with paints, laying floors, building walls – we are doing it all ourselves with a LOT of help from some wonderful friends and family!

We started with a bit of a mess as you can see…we worked hard to help my awesome landlord to sort, clean, sell and organize all was a bit of a job – but we are getting there! before

This week we will be doing some furniture painting at the shop – I am terribly excited about that! Display cabinets and some lovely pieces that have been waiting patiently in my garage will finally get some paint!

I have not actually painted any furniture lately and I’m itching to get back at it – hate to open a shop with no inventory! :)

This lovely piece was found upstairs covered in years of sawdust, she’s been getting some TLC and I can’t wait to get her painted up to hold my lovely Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint!

Speaking of which..guess what arrived last night?? Go ahead..I’ll wait right here while you guess…did you guess yet?? MMSMP arrived

yup…the UPS guy almost got a kiss (but I want him to come back with more so I just squealed and may or may not have danced..a bit)

We have been playing with paint on our doors too as you can tell, the above doors are  in progress…also working with some basic builder doors, turning them into vintage looking aged doors in just a couple of easy steps!

Miss Mustard Seed Paint Rocks! For real… builder door turned vintage with Milk Paint

(YES I am changing or painting that door knob) she’s just a work in progress as you can tell I snapped this just as I was putting the first bit of hemp oil on it

Isn’t the effect awesome?? Have I mentioned how cool Miss Mustard Seed Paint is?

The bathroom is almost finished and I can’t wait to show you how we completely renovated it on a SUPER tight budget

It’s amazing what you can do with some paint and some great pinterest ideas

Things are moving along…my wonderful hubs helps me between clients (have I mentioned we own another business?  We are bit crazy)

My amazing friends have been coming to help paint and I can never repay them for their kindness!

(ok..this pictures has funky lighting..there are no yellow stripes in the shop..just sayin..but you can see a bit of progress) reno in preogress

We have our first WORKSHOP scheduled for December 1st – Milk Paint 101 – the time, details for registration and course outline will be posted on the weekend!

(I promise)

I’m totally nervous and totally excited all at the same time!

I’m working to get online registration up and running and a detailed workshop page added..stay tuned

Our OPEN HOUSE will be Saturday November 30th from 11am – 3pm

Hope you can drop in to enjoy some some apple cider and cookies and we will chat about paint!


Thanks for popping in…as always I am so grateful for your kind support and encouragement! Opening Soon








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  1. Yah! Is it weird I paint for Christmas now!

  2. Wow Wendy ….this all looks amazing!! Can’t wait to see it all……I am working diligently on my project for your “Front Porch” ;)