Paint Tip ~ How to get a Silky Smooth Paint Finish


Paint Tip from Front Porch Mercantile

Looking to finish your painted pieces with a silky smooth paint finish? Want a little paint pro tip?

This one is another EASY one. Pinky swear.

It’s a quick and easy step that many people skip and it can make such a BIG impact.

It’s SO easy!

Pro Tip - Sand before top coating - always!!

(oh and no being all jealous of my lovely manicure, my poor hands need a professional lol)

Here’s how you can achieve a professional silky smooth finish

You’ve finished painting your piece of furniture with Fusion Mineral Paint, Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint or FAT Paint chalk style paint.

You are getting ready to top coat with one of our waxes or clear coats, but BEFORE you do – here’s the SECRET

Give your piece a full sand with a very high grit sandpaper!

A butter smooth sanding all over with change your piece dramatically.

Use 400 grit (or higher) piece of sandpaper all over your piece and I PROMISE you that you WILL feel a difference.

I use this one, but any soft sandpaper with a high grit will work.

(the HIGHER the number on the sandpaper the SOFTER it is)

our favourite finishing sandpaper


I know many paints say “no final sand required” but trust me, you don’t want to skip this pro step.

See, I told you, easy peasy and has HUGE impact.

What pieces are YOU working on lately? Let me know if you have tried sanding your entire piece and the results you found!

Have any other questions about getting a smooth paint finish? Pop them in the comments and I’ll try to answer them for you.


Happy painting friends!








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  1. Hi Wendy
    I have never used the chalk paint but plan to do so once we move to Bridgewater this summer. Like the advice but do you need to sand the piece before you paint?? Thanks.
    Wendy A

  2. Hi Wendy. I love your info on the 3 paints you carry and the fact that little preps are required for all 3. I live in Malaysia and I cannot get either milk paint or chalk paint. All we have here are the good old dulux, jotun and nippon paints and they all carry the regular paint namely emulsion for walls and high gloss (oil based and water based) for wood and metal. I can get acrylic at higher price but the colours are limited and I’m not sure if the result will be the same as they are mostly glossy.

    I had spend 2 weeks sanding and scruffing my 3 big ornamental chairs and frankly I almost give up a few times. I’m thinking of making my own chalk paint with the recipes I found on pinterest but kind of feel daunted by it, not sure what the outcome will be. Now I am in the middle of priming my chair with waterbased primer but not sure how to get a smooth finish especially in between the cornices and mouldings coz if I have to sand them again I think I’m gonna die.. seriously! Any advice?