Quick and Easy Sisal Covered Candle Holder

Ever have a little project you put off for ever and then when you do it and it takes 10 mins you wonder why you waited? Thats what this project was. Crazy. I wanted to cover this plain candle holder with sisal.

I had the sisal. The candle holder. The hot glue gun. I knew how to do it. I have opposing thumbs.

this is such a quick and easy make over - why did I wait so long to do this


I apparently didn’t have the enormous amount of time I needed to do this huge project.

10 mins

Sometimes I think we just need to start.

This happens a lot to me. I don’t know why I put things off. Yes I’m busy, but really, 10 mins for a little project??

This project was so easy it’s embarrassing to write about it but here it goes, gather your supplies (some affiliate links for your convenience)

Plug in Glue gun

Use a clean glass candle holder

Use larger size Sisal

Starting from the bottom glue the sisal rope on. I pushed my sisal down after a few rows to keep them even, you have only a couple of mins to work with hot glue but just check as you go that your spacing is as tight as you would like it between rows.

How To Make a sisal covered candle - Frontporchmercantile.com


When you get to the end of your rope (see what I did there??) or the height you want your sisal to stop,  cut your rope diagonally so it sits flush with the last coil.

sisal rope covered candle diy frontporchmercantile.com


That was hard.

Total time 10 mins

sisal covered candle holder frontporchmercantile.com

I don’t know why I wait sometimes. I can tackle a big project before a small one sometimes. Like blogging, this took me half an hour including editing pictures and yet I put off doing posts because in my mind I think it will take hours. I am committing to more how-to and informative blog posts, I just need to do it.

I mean seriously, I just got back from a blogging conference so I should blog right? (blog post on my Haven trip this week too) :)

I’m kinda digging my sisal covered candle holder. We have been fortunate to be spending time at the family  cottage this summer and it looks great there. It also reminds me to get started on the next project!

Do you have simple projects or some DIY projects that you have been putting off? What are they and what are your reasons for putting them off? Leave me a comment, would love to know and remember..Just do it :)

Thanks for popping in..




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  1. Cute idea! Might have to jazz up some of my glass vases this way! Thanks for the inspiration!