That Time I Went To Miss Mustard Seed’s Studio and Didn’t Take Pictures

True story.

I was at Miss Mustard Seed’s beautiful studio, spent 3 days with her and only snapped a few pictures. Not even good ones. Seriously. No Facebook Live post. No interview with her. No lovely shots. Nope.

I had all that planned. But…I don’t know. We started painting and chatting and that was that.

Miss Mustard Seed's Studio

I have a few and have attached them here, but really they don’t do any justice to the beautiful spaces and pieces that were in the studio.

spending time learning from Miss Mustard Seed is so inspirational

The funny part? We spent one whole afternoon doing a photography course. I know. I know. Face palm.

Mustard Seed Studios home of Miss Mustard Seed

I was itching to sit here and just dream and create.Mustard Seed Studios

The studio is just so beautiful. These shots are all just from my iPhone but I thought I’d share anyway.

Beautiful Miss Mustard Seed's Studio

I have had so many people ask me about the visit I thought I should do a little blog post to share. Loved every single second I was in that studio. Truly, I told Marian (Miss Mustard Seed) when I arrived that I wanted to cry. (I kinda did but played it cool).

Mustard Seed Studios home of Miss Mustard Seed


Mustard Seed Studios home of Miss Mustard Seed

It was so beautiful and colourful and creative – all the Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint colours are so inspiring.

Mustard Seed Studio

Move mountains in your home - Miss Mustard Seed Studio

Because everyone is asking:

Yes it’s incredibly inspiring in that space.

Yes those pieces we see on video and on the blog are just as beautiful in person.

Yes Sebastian the dog was there and yes he’s just as adorable as he looks.

Mustard Seed Studio

Yes I did see the new colour coming out and paint with it.

No I didn’t bring any home.

Mustard Seed Studio

Yes I do love hanging around so many other awesome retailers. (one of my favourite things to do, these ladies are incredibly creative and inspiring)

Mustard Seed Studios home of Miss Mustard Seed

Yes I went to Lucketts Vintage Hip shop in Maryland (angels sung – seriously)

Mustard Seed Studios home of Miss Mustard Seed

Lucketts Vintage Market

Lucketts Vintage Hip

Yes Pennsylvania is beautiful and amazing and full of great places to pick.

Lucketts Vintage Store

No I didn’t get to go picking.

Lucketts Vintage Store

Yes I’m bringing a truck next time and my Mr.

Yes these ladies are my besties, how lucky am I? Debrah from Cottle and Gun, Jennifer from Stonehouse Vintage, Marian – Miss Mustard Seed and I

Beautiful Miss Mustard Seed's Studio

Here’s the big one…YES I did go to Marian’s house. Yuppers. For real.

No I didn’t take any pictures of me there, I played it cool. I kinda squealed inside, but resisted the urge to take out my camera. I’m cool like that.

Wendy from Front Porch Mercantile with Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint

I love that Marian and I are friends, I consider her a catalyst to the start of my business, her encouragement (when she first met me at a painting class years ago at Haven), she is an incredible business person and mentor along with being an amazing creative. I was very fortunate to be able to stay with Marian’s family and spend a lot of one on one time with her. I know. Crazy. Her mom and dad and whole family are amazing. All so gracious and kind. I know some of you know this, but I am humbled and very grateful that I am now working part time for Marian as part of the Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint team. We’re a small team working directly for Marian to help spread the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint love. I am tremendously proud to have been asked and to help. Its a true honour. Everyone knows I LOVE my milk paint.

We did paint a lot, but I don’t have phone is full of paint though, thats kind of funny.

It was a great trip and I’m happy to have been invited to go train and hang out. I can’t wait to go back!

I retuned home with a heart full of gratitude and inspiration overload.


On another note, we’re adding some workshop to finish off the year (can you believe 2016 is going so fast?)

I built some new fun projects today and will be sharing them next week to show after our Holidays Makers Workshops (both dates now sold out sorry), we have some availability for private workshops and some fun new ones being added. You can check out our workshop schedule here.

Also our White Point DIY by the SEA OPENS today for booking! You can read more about that here!

We are super excited about that! Hope you can join us! (Remember that everyone that books before Dec 15th will get a VIP welcome package and a chance to win an autographed copy of Miss Mustard Seed’s Book)

Thanks for popping in, I promise I’ll be back this week with some more painting tips!

Have a super fabulous day friends!




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  1. haha you made me laugh. That is EXACTLY what I could imagine myself doing if I was in the same position … like, literally every part of your trip, down to the forgetting to take proper photos (and these ones look great anyway, by the way). Luckett’s – dream come true. Ah, that is just so great you got to do all of this. I’m so excited for you and really happy that you get to do MMSMP part time and you are doing a fantastic job!

    • The Front Porch Mercantile says:

      Thank you Sharon, I love Marian and Milk Paint and well my whole experience down there was amazing

  2. Kim Wagner says:

    Loved having you in our home. Come back anytime!

    Marian’s Mom. :)

    • The Front Porch Mercantile says:

      Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality Kim. You and Warren are amazing, and I cant wait to come back to visit! Wendy xo

  3. Sounds like a great time! I totally get not taking pics. Sometimes you have to be in the moment. I’m so happy that you got a chance to visit her and her studio! I’d love to hear all about someday over a glass of wine! xo

  4. I think you took great pictures! So great to meet you and thankful for all the wisdom you shared :)

  5. Oh my gosh!!!! This is so inspiring! I am a Miss Mustard Seed fan as well (big fan!!!!!!). So happy that you got this awesome opportunity Wendy!!!!!

  6. Aw, Wendy, this sounds like an amazing trip. I don’t blame you for not taking photos. Sometimes you have to be in the moment and soak it all in. xx