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Write an ebook they say. Share your painting tips and tricks they say.

I’m asked all the time if I would consider writing a book on painting tips and tricks. I have considered it, but honestly, there has just been no time. And then I heard my wonderful friend and super awesome furniture painting friend Danielle was writing a book and honestly I thought – phew – now I don’t have to. ha ha :)

Are you an experienced painter or just getting started? Or maybe you have painted a few pieces and want to learn a few more techniques?  THIS book is for you! Seriously.


I first met Danielle 4 years ago in Atlanta at a Haven Conference, a DIY Conference for bloggers, we became fast friends and share a love for furniture painting, family time, living by the sea and  creativity. She writes a beautiful creative blog called Finding Silver Pennies. 

Here we are in a terrible picture from 2013 with Karianne from Thistlwood Farms, this was actually a life changing dinner at a taco shop (for real people, life changing) with awesome people. Terrible picture, but, you know.

Danielle, Karianne and I

Danielle, Karianne and I

Before you ask, no Danielle did not ask me to write this, nor did she give me a free copy for a review, she only knows I’m writing this because I asked permission to used her photography. I have since registered as an affiliate with her book (again because it is THAT good – seriously) and at no additional cost to you will receive a small commission from any book sold through my site. I thought you would WANT to read this book. Seriously.


Danielle is a superb furniture painter. Superb. She has been featured in many magazines and her blog Finding Silver Pennies is extremely well written and informative. She is an amazing creative and her specialty is furniture painting. She ROCKS furniture painting.

Check out this gorgeous Milk Painted piece…swoon

gorgeous milk painted piece learn how here

Danielle just released her incredible ebook this week and I am over the moon happy about it. On The Tip Of My Paint Brush is so well done I wanted to stand up and clap after I read it. Seriously. Danielle has always been very thorough in her sharing of and how to’s on her blog, but she goes into beautiful details in her book.

Gorgeous paint techniques see how here omg

Danielle talk about her fav’s Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk and Fusion Mineral (which of course we sell here at Front Porch Mercantile) and she shares a lot about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I have used and tried ASCP and it is a great product, however, we chose to carry our favourite Canadian made FAT Paint chalk style paint, and all of Danielle’s tips and tricks she shares for ASCP can be done/used with our chalk style paint FAT Paint. The only exception is the ASCP wax is not anything like our wax, our wax is much smoother and easier to apply, and is identical to the MMSMP Wax.

Love this paint technique, see how here

I hesitated to share this as it has ASCP and not FAT Paint chalk paint, but honestly friends, this book is that good that I had to share with you. Just remember wherever you read chalk paint I use FAT Paint. Its that simple.

Gorgeous painted piece - see how here

There are some pretty fantastic techniques in this book. Check out how get a soap stone look..seriously awesome.

Learn how to create a galvanized look

or a galvanized metal look by just using a quick technique, crazy awesome.

learn how to do this awesome galvanized metal look here

There are a few things in the book that I do a wee differently, but I think that is the awesome part about painting and creating, you will find your own techniques and tools. A few things I do a little differently is that I rarely use commercial products like stain at all, I use Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint thinned down, there is no smell or chemical, its 100% natural and it works like a charm, I always prefer to use a flat wax brush to applying with cheesecloth and I use a product called EXTRA FAT for a salt wash look, its more cost effective and I much prefer it.

BUY:  On The Tip Of My Paint Brush HERE

I love the bundle that includes the FB group, Danielle is on there answering your questions, I love that feedback. I still learn lots everyday and love the community of like minded friends. A great furniture painting resource at a great price.

So, I didn’t write an ebook as many asked me to do, but I will highly recommend this one, and it took me no time at all to write it Phew! ha ha

Let me know if you order one and what you think. I’d love to know what your thoughts!

Great book Danielle!

Thanks for popping in my friends,




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  1. Christene Madsen says:

    I bought the book online with your link – thank you! I am interested in a workshop (but I’m in Calgary) and I’ve started collecting pieces I’d like to paint and sell and this will be a valuable resource!!!! I scanned through all the pictures already and am really excited about starting this new hobby…thanks for sharing.