Tricycle Buffet Before and After

MMSMP Buffet in Tricycle Front Porch Mercantile

It’s been a busy summer. So busy, I didn’t have time to get a display cabinet ready for my new set up in Lunenburg. Opps.

I had a launch date and free demo night planned and needed a display cabinet. I found this large, solid and VERY heavy maple 70’s hutch and I thought it would do just the trick. But it needed a little re-loving don’t ya think? And did I mention its heavy? Boy they don’t make things like they used to. Solid wood. Beauty.

Maple Buffet Before - Front Porch Mercantile

I started painting this Tuesday morning. Ok. I confess…Mr FPM helped. We gave it a quick scuff sand removed the centre door, removed the glass from the outside doors, gave it a good cleaning and started painting. I gave it a base coat of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint Curio, used a wax puck to resist, and then two coats of yummy Tricycle milk paint. I used the Curio under, so when distressed and painted it would have a dark underneath, not the orange maple. I love how it came out!

IMG_2683 Curio base coat

I top coated it with Hemp Oil and re attached the original hardware. I may change it out eventually, but I thought the original looked ok, we lugged it to Mom’s Buy and Sell Wednesday afternoon just in time for a free milk paint demo. Phew!! A lot of work but easily done in 1 and a half days!

MMS Tricycle Buffet Front Porch Mercantile


MMS Tricycle Front Porch Mercantile

I really like how it came out. I totally forgot to take pictures of the cabinet on display. Here is one that someone took during my demo. I will be back there soon so will snap a few.

MMS Tricycle Display Front Porch Mercantile

Oh…and we had a fantastic turnout for our launch. I was a little overwhelmed at the turnout. Thank you thank you. If you were there, I totally appreciate you coming out on such a beautiful and warm night. I hope we had a chance to say hi.

I’m enjoying my busy summer – I have painted SO much this summer I am starting to think a paint brush is permanently attached to my hand! Milk Paint, FAT Paint and Fusion have been flying on my paint brushes!

If you are in the Lunenburg area, you can see this piece and pick up some milk paint at Mom’s Buy and Sell (229 Lincoln Street), they also carry FAT Paint Chalk Paint too!

This was a big but easy before and after, YOU can do this too! If you are wondering how to get started, join us for a workshop, we are offering workshops in our studio in the Moncton area and now in the Lunenburg area (you can see our workshop calendar here, check the location of the class you are looking for) or you can drop into our workshop (we are open 11-3 Wednesdays to Saturdays in Lower Coverdale). We would love to help you 

What do you think about this makeover? From dated 70’s to updated shop display all in 2 days! Phew!

Thanks for popping in. I truly love sharing my before and after’s with you.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!








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  1. Love, love, love the color. And the hutch looks so pretty displaying all of your wares. Great job!

  2. Hi there. Do you have a schedule of your upcoming classes. I am on vacation and would have love to come to the milk paint class. I am hoping there are more in the near future where I can come and maybe being a friend.

    • Hello, so nice to hear from you. We do have a workshop coming up Aug 24th and still have a couple of seats left. We will also be having workshops in September and October. You can check he schedule on the workshops tab on my website. I will be inputting September and October in Sunday. :)

  3. That is a major improvement on what looks like a super hard working piece. I love how it looks all merchandised. Did you ever think you’d have this much going on all those years ago when you were still thinking about opening your shop? You keep amazing me, girl.
    The Other Marian