Upcycled Spool Table

Upcycled Singer Sewing Machine base and electrical spool

Do you follow us on Instagram or Facebook? Well…I posted a quick and easy up cycled table and holy cow I was a little overwhelmed with emails and questions on how I did it. So…here ya go! This one is easy I promise.

I had an old Singer sewing machine base, you probably have one or have seen one in a garage sale.

Old Singer Base up cycled

I also had an electrical spool and a thought (my hubby hates when I get “a though”)Electrical Spool Before

This one was an easy up cycle and fun!

We painted the base, and truth is we spray painted it (yes, gasp, I still spray paint things) I totally could have used my FAT Paint or Fusion, but seriously, all the little intricate details in the base would have been forever, so I grabbed my black Rustoleum and just sprayed it. I always say, use what you have and no 1 paint is good for every job. Case in point.

Mr FPM took the electrical spool apart and I sanded the top with my favourite Ryobi Hand Sander  and sides to make it smooth and to remove the “electric” wording, however, you could leave that on.

Sanding the electrical spool with my Ryobi

I stained the top with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint Curio, used as a stain. I mixed about 3 parts water to 1 part paint. Easy. Peasy.

Stain with MMS Curio

I then used my FAT Paint in Raven to stencil the cool Antique sign on it. This is one of the awesome stencils from our Funky Junk Stencil Signs. LOVE this stencil. A lot. Big Love. Really. A lot. (We do carry these at Front Porch Mercantile for those asking)

Funky Junk Stencils at Front Porch Mercantile

Mr FPM attached the spool to the top and I used our MMS hemp oil to protect it and make pretty. I LOVE hemp oil. Just LOOK at the difference hemp oil makes! (Side note…I tried to do my first Periscope live as I did this, and well, I apologize if you were one of the 8 people that saw that fiasco. I can’t video and paint or hemp, lesson learned) :)

Hemp Oiling the Curio Stain Front Porch Mercantile

We used the original little cups in the bolt holes. I just glued them in. And there you have it.

All done.

Easy. Peasy. Told ya.

Upcycled Singer Spool and Electrical Spool Table at Front Porch Mercantile


I think it turned out pretty cool. I had not seen one like this before but have since seen a few. I think its quirky and fun. It’s now available at our shop. Come and have a visit.

Have you ever up cycled a Singer sewing machine base or electric spool? What did you make?

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  1. I hear you on the not being able to paint and film at the same time. I am always amazed when someone is that coordinated. And do you tell followers on FB when you’re gonna be on Periscope? I keep seeing people’s broadcasts after the fact and wonder how everyone knew to be there. But I have never really considered myself very “connected”, so I suppose being the last to know kinda goes along with that.

    Great project BTW.

    Have a lovely day today!
    The Other Marian

    • Hi Other Marian :) I usually post on FB before I Scope. But honestly I don’t think I will be doing a lot of it. I’m not great under pressure to perform ha ha hope you are having a fabulous Fall my friend xo